07 November 2010


You know, since I changed this blog to be more G rated, I have always tried to keep my comments about whoever, civil like a nice person would do. But when my discussions are all about the uncivilized antics of other humanoid creatures on this planet, I am just not sure that it is fair to me... or even you when I keep my descriptions all nice and friendly.

Of course I am talking about that black baboon that raped that white sixteen year old cheerleader and only had to do a little community service for it. While she had to be humiliated by him and his friends and dropped from the cheerleading squad because she could no longer bring herself to cheer for this useless ball playing porch monkey! Because he could play ball like a mule can pull a plow he gets a pass? Why? He should get executed by being beheaded with a bow saw.

This crap goes on constantly in one way or another. Look at the "Beat Whitey Night" in Ohio. Of course that was no hate crime. But if a white person has the audacity to glare at one of these retarded ape creatures, that is immediately a hate crime.

We... meaning white people have been accused of abusing these house apes forever. Maybe it is time that we actually started to abuse them for real. Not just in their minds and in the news but on their fuzzy burr heads with a mallet or an aluminum baseball bat. Whether they have been offensive or not. Just pick them at random like they do us. If there are six of you and one of them, there is a negra that is getting a beating. That is how they have done us for years now. So turn about is fair play. It is our turn now.

If some wigger wants to come along and defend one of these chimpanzee looking animals just give it a few thumps on the noggin also. Enlighten the person that defending apes is no longer the mod thing to be doing. Maybe he and Mr. Brillo head can go to the same veterinary to get stitches together. Who cares where they go as long as they are no longer visible or ambulatory.

This same treatment should be doled out to those rodent looking big-nosed Jews who started all of this trouble in the first place. In fact, every Muslim or Somali or east Indian that goes home with a Jew under each arm gets a free boat ticket to the other side of the ocean to their own homeland. What they do with their two Jews after they are out of our site is their business. We can always hope that they do the RIGHT thing with them.

The wetbacks also should be herded back toward home by individual Americans since our government doesn't seem to have the stomach for it. We can use the same mallets and bats as they are very effective and give a nice satisfying "WHUMP!" when they land nice and solid on those greasers' heads.

If the beaners want to pick up a little extra income on their way home if they would bother to put a queer under each arm and get them out of here it would be worth a hundred dollars per queer to be rid of them also. And don't turn them loose so they just come scampering back. Use them for rip-rap in a ditch or something.

If you haven't noticed by now, I have no use for you weird, off-breed, whitey abusing people. But the great thing is is that I am no longer alone with this attitude. Thousands of people just like me are finally waking up and looking at you freaks of humanity and thinking the exact same thing. So now you will actually have a reason to call us blue-eyed devils because that is what it is going to be like for you in the very near future. So enjoy your useless, slimy existence until your time is up..... tick... tock... tick... tock...

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