21 November 2010


It would appear to me that the incoming majority leader of the house is just as big of a goofball and traitor as the outgoing speaker. So what have you gained? A Mexican lover for a Jew lover. Whoop-ti-do. Aren't there any politicians that are American lovers? If there is, where are they? Sure as hell not in Washington.

Can't we find an electable American citizen who does not have the audacity to think that we are so stupid as to actually believe that our well being and Israel's well being are vital to each other? That Israel has more room than we do to store all of these high powered weapons? Such as tanks and jets? Are they also storing that two point seven billion dollars a year of American taxpayer money?

Isn't there a politician out there that will admit that Israel is what it really is. Just a festering blight on the face of the earth that shouldn't even be there if Britain wouldn't have disarmed the Palestinians and then told the world Jews, "Oh you can just have Palestine as there is nothing but disposable Arabs living there."

Or on the other hand, if we are going to say that Israel is a homeland for the Jews why are there more Jews in Jew York City than in Israel? We do not need them. Us needing Jews would be exactly like a dog needing fleas. Or Germany needing Jews. Or Denver needing Jews. Or a stripper needing hemorrhoids. Or a giraffe needing a sore throat. Or a hippopotamus needing a toothache. Or planet earth needing a Jew. You get the idea, don't you?

EVERY problem that we are facing today can be traced back to trouble-making Zionist Jews. This is not an exaggeration. Think of something and then follow it back to the beginning. Let me just give you some examples. World trade Center. Us defending Israel while it harassed Arabs in the Middle East. Our third world invasion. Jew money given to traitorous politicians to open our borders back in the sixties. Run amok Negroes. Jews founding the NAACP and convincing people through their control of the media that Negroes are not just the highest form of monkeys.

Our broke country. Jew bankers getting our government to turn over our money to the Federal Reserve which is a bunch of Jew-owned banks. Your belief that queers are real people. Jews and their ownership of Hollywood pumping out trash movies and advertising to our children until the children actually think that it is a fact. Stupid kids. Jews rewriting our history and existing like the maggots they are in our colleges. Pretending that they are professors or psychologists or anthropologists and actually changing the facts of our existence until white children think that they are worthless.

Do you understand, that according to Jew history, they have the world accusing Germany of murdering more Jews in WWII than existed on the planet at that time. Isn't that interesting? According to their own version of the Holohoax they should be extinct. Why in the hell don't we help them out with that? If all of the Jews in the world were murdered in the Holohoax, why are there millions and millions of Holohoax survivors of Auschwitz? Dachau? Berkinau? And all of the other camps? Do you suppose these giant nosed, floppy earred, reprobates might be capable of deception? They might even actually be liars? Murderers? Thieves? Molesters? White slavers? Pornographers? Even a total shit stain on the fabric of humanity?

I'm saying, "Yes they are." Every one of these things and probably some that I didn't even think of this week. But by next week I will have thought of some more and give them to you then. Unless a problem should arise that they as a collective aren't responsible for. Like maybe the grass growing. Or Wetbacks getting wet bellies going south across the Rio Grande. Not that I would consider that to be a problem. Just something that could not be blamed on world Jewry.

By now you might be thinking that "this guy really doesn't like Jews". But that is not necessarily true. The white race traitors and the Judeo Christians and the traitorous politicians are what allows them to have any power at all. People who are not personally affected by what they are up to at this moment. People in gated communities, in high rise security buildings and a lot of people in the heartland that have not had to deal with the horribly adverse effects of diversity.... yet. They don't seem to understand that once this diverse tidal wave of third world trash comes crashing through the dam of what the elites call "white trash red necks" that actually keep this country running but who these people hate because they can't be so easily brainwashed and controlled. Then it will be their turn to deal with the diversity that they have been pushing on the rest of us for decades now.

But then it will be too late. Because the hated rednecks are what filled our military, grew our produce, moved everything around on trucks, trains and planes. They will be gone. Or beaten to the ground in one way or another and the gated communities and high rise security buildings will have to deal with becoming third worlders. Which will deserve them right. But what a sacrifice just to teach them what the rest of us have known all along.

So I guess that that is not even an option. We just have to take care of this without their help before it gets that far!

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