14 November 2010


Last week was kind of a sorry little blog and I'm going to tell you why. The week was gone and it was time for the blog and none was written. So I sat down and as words came to me I wrote them down and that is what you got to read. If it made sense, fine. If it didn't, who cares? And if it was a repetition of a previous blog, you probably needed that refresher. See how easy it was for me to make mediocrity into something worthwhile. That has to be how liberals excuse their behavior and ideas on a daily basis. And I mean both Republicans, Democrats, Teapartiers, Independents, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians. Because anyone who is too terrified to point out that diversity is bullshit. Judeo Christians are going to hell, Zionist Jews are minions from hell, Israel is a fake country stolen from the Palestinians, politicians are all traitors, Federal Judges are law making ambulance chasers is a liberal, communist dummy.

If that little paragraph hurt your feelings, outraged you, or made you cranky... you must also be a liberal, communist dummy and you better get back to watching Keith Obermann because this blog is way out of your league and you aren't smart enough to absorb the intricacies of the actual white, conservative mindset. So now that you are sitting there scratching your head and thinking, "What in the hell is going on here?" Don't feel too bad because I am doing the exact same thing.

Every organization now has to have two or three Negras, Mexicans, Chinese, east Indians and regular Indians and a whole gaggle of Jews in it to be a reputable organization and they all have to be in leadership positions. Even churches have to have these and then a few queers on top to make everything more heavenly in the eyes of whatever God they seem to be trying to bring into existence. Because it can't be the old regular God that has always been around because he abhors a lot of these things. "I'm talking about you, queers."

Now I said "every organization." back there but that is not true. There are two organizations that do not now nor have they ever knowingly had any of this disgusting diversity as part of their makeup. That would be the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi party. Two of the most demonized organizations on the planet. I wonder why? Would you suppose they are demonized because they are horrible or... just because they won't bow down and kneel at the alter of this perversion? If I was a guessing man, and I am. I will guess that it is the latter rather than that they are demonic entities from hell.

Let me explain why I think this. Because these are the only organizations that have unwaveringly stood up for the white race no matter what was said about them or done to them. They have never faltered in the face of the worldwide hatred that has been spread by such people as "The Jew" who are famous for their lying and their ability to deceive people. These Jew people have been trying their best to genocide the white race for at least two thousand years now and they can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. That is why if you do a little listening and digging you can find where they are bragging that their one world order is just about to happen with them at the helm.

Now I am one and I am sure there are a lot more Caucasians out there that have not ever or will not ever knuckle under to these traitorous little money grubbing weasels. Nor their ideas that diversity and race mixing is "good" for the white race. As well as tolerating sodomites and every other kind of perversity that they are able to sham most of you into accepting as natural.

Because, believe it or not, and you can check the facts of this out for yourself. Jews own ninety five percent of the Federal Reserve banks. Jews own most of Hollywood. Jews own all of the major news media outlets. Jews, not blacks started the NAACP. Jews started the forced integrating crap back in the fifties. Remember Joe McCarthy? All of those communists he was finding in Hollywood and the United States government were Jews!

Communist Jews are responsible for the wanton murder of twenty million men, women and children in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. Jews are the ones that took the Romanov family out into the forest and murdered them including their several daughters and one son and then buried them in unmarked graves. Knowing the way Jews are as a race the murders were probably after they spent several hours torturing and raping them.

Jews were the largest slave importers in early America and are still the leaders in the white slavery business today. Anything that involves a lot of money and no work and humiliating, murdering or enslaving gentiles, you can bet your butt that a Jew is at the top and at every position of importance inside of the operation.

Now Jews are only capable of accomplishing these things due to the evident stupidity of a huge majority of the white race. Because, like it or not, nothing happens on this planet unless we, the white race, allows it to happen. The Jews understand this. Even if most of us don't. That is why they are trying their very best to genocide us through race-mixing, our best and brightest dying over in the Middle East in their "Wars for Jews" that they convince us to get into while they sit back and rub their greedy palms together and giggle at the slaughter of both of their perceived enemies. They have convinced most of you that aborting white babies is a wonderful thing. Giving your young children Ritalin to turn them into zombies is also a "must do". Being queers is a good thing because that also ends the white reproduction of children. When white people adopt children make sure it is fashionable that it is a little black or brown child, not a white one that might grow up and recognize the eternal Jew for what he really is.

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