10 October 2010


I think that everyone can agree that the United States was founded and existed as a white, Christian nation until the retardation of forced integration was bestowed on us in the nineteen fifties and sixties. Now if you are a left wing liberal communist or a right wing spineless traitor, you will probably disagree. At least openly. But deep in your heart, unless you have an IQ of thirty-seven you have to know that this is right. After all, the evidence is slapping you in the face every minute of every day.

Diversity is not now, nor has it ever been a strength to anyone anywhere. Diversity is like slag in iron. It's the same as mold on bread. Or dirt in water, or flies in ointment. It is just a bad, weakening, irritating to all concerned condition. Whoever doesn't realize that after sixty years has to be retarded, dead, or a total veggie. You might not want to admit it, but you have to KNOW it!

Our schools and children were once the best and brightest in the world. But now they are dumbed down on a daily basis so third worlders are able to keep up with the white children, but it just doesn't work because white children, overall, are just smarter than third worlders and whether you will admit it or not you have to know that it is true.

So what is the answer, you ask. Segregation. Apartheid. Call it what you will, that is what is needed to build the United States back to what it was. You don't have to neglect the little black and brown children. Teach them what they are capable of learning. How to build a mud hut, how to catch and skin a dog, how to keep a fire from going out. Things like this. They are capable of learning these things and doing them well.

Meanwhile, get back to teaching the little white kids math, science, their true history and how to feed the world. They can readily accomplish these things without the little black and brown children holding them back. And when you have a dumb one, send him to the little black and brown school. That way he can at least learn how to build a mud hut. And when you get that rare smart brown or black kid, have him teach the rest of the little black and brown children. That way, no intelligence is going to waste trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I know by now that you are screaming, "Oh this is hateful. What a hate filled person you are!" But deep down, you know that I am right. You just have to have the guts to admit it. This was not written with a drop of hatred. It is just absolute common sense. How else can you explain our decline and fall of the last sixty years?

But if you remember the name of this blog, The Ultimate Degradation, all of these problems, as horrible as they are, they do not qualify. But when a white Christian nation has become so deluded that it elects a high yellow, retarded Negro, not even a native of the country, to lead it to....... where? Bankruptcy? Permanent third world status? Being northern Mexico? Being the slave state of Israel? All of the above? What? Where are we going with this wonderful Negro at the helm? To become the lap dog of the United Nations? To be the country with the most unelected non responsible czars in the world?

If he has accomplished nothing else besides humbling us to the rest of the world and given all of our riches to the Jewish bankers, he has proven one thing beyond a reasonable doubt. That some stereotypes are true. He has proven that the term "ni**er rich" is absoloutely true. He has been spending money that the country doesn't have like a drunken sailor since the day he rolled into office and has made plans for the country to be spending money that it doesn't have long after he is gone.

Now, to me, this is the ultimate degradation that we could have done to ourselves and I sincerely hope that we have learned a valuable lesson from all of this. Negroes are fine. In the land of Negroes. But, if we are going to let them live among us, there has to be rules that need to be followed. Number one. You do not bother or molest white people. Ever. For any reason. Number two. You work at a legal job to earn money or you starve. The choice is yours. Number three. If you make niglets with different women, you support them. All of them. Or they starve. The choice is yours. Number four, and this is the important one. You will be allowed one minor crime. Only one. In a lifetime. The second crime, no matter how slight, you will be executed. No questions asked. These same rules apply to all third worlders and Mexicans out there. If you happen to be here illegally, get home because that becomes a capital offense in our new country.

With these few rules in place and enforced, we can exist together. If you don't care for it, you have your own continent, go there. Good bye.

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