24 October 2010


If I don't quit messing around, you will not be getting your weekly dose of outrage from my blog and you will probably write and complain about it. Or worse yet, you won't. I have been a busy fellow getting dug in at my new digs and while I know that is no excuse because as a First Sergeant would say, "You went to bed, didn't you?" Which I have been doing, plus usually catching a little nap in the afternoon... I have had the time, just not the inclination. Anyway... so here we go.

While there is no shortage of outrageous stupidity to write about..... like a bunch of your major retailers and fast food chains are furnishing money to supply the Beaner children with free college tuition. It is just for Beaner children... no one else. While in the crime statistics they count Beaners as white people when they are committing crimes but they won't count white people who want to go to college but can't afford it as Beaners. That's a big surprise, huh?

The fire department in NYC cannot hire anyone because their test is too racist and hardly any non whites can pass it so until they dumb it down enough so the porch monkeys and the "cans".. you know. MexiCANS, PuertoriCANS, CubiCANS... whoops. That one didn't work. Any way, you get the idea, can pass it there will be no new fire fighters in New York City.

That rabbi over in Israel finally admitted that Jews believe the only reason goyim (that would be you and me, folks) are put on this planet is to plow and reap and serve our Kike masters. All I have to say about that is this, maybe the myth of Auschwitz could become a reality in the near future. What do you think? Now I know that really upset you and you can't finish reading this because of the tears in your eyes. Oh what a foolish and gullible person you are.

Here is something interesting. At least it was to me because I didn't know it. Miscegenation means the Biblical abomination of race mixing. I thought that is was when you went to an Oriental place to get rubbed on. I had to look up how to spell it too because initially, I sure as hell didn't spell it like that. I screwed it up so bad that even my word processor couldn't figure out what I was trying to come up with.

How about these white couples adopting little nigglets? It just makes me look at the female in this abominable family and think. "Hmmm. She must have used to have been a coal burner." It just doesn't snap that they are so retarded that they have their future murderer living with them.

How about the queers? Another Biblical abomination. I'm glad that I finally decided to read the Bible for myself. Because it is full of good stuff like this. I was reading where social services took a baby boy from his parents and gave him to two queer daddies to raise... that baby boy has a sore behind in his future and I'm positive that it won't be from a spanking. When judges do something really stupid like this they should just be taken out back of the courthouse and shot.

Speaking of the Bible. If you ever decide to read it to discover all of the good stuff that it tells about, there is a problem. You have to read it word for word and a lot of it is boring as hell. But if you just skip around you will miss stuff like about the queers and race mixing because that information is always hidden in a little paragraph or two right in the middle of some really sleep inducing crap. I'm just warning you here on how to locate this good stuff. God was no dummy when he had whoever wrote it write it. Because he must have told them to hide all of his juicy information here and there and make it not very easy to find. So if you want to know the good stuff, you have to read it all.

The politicians are all still one hundred percent Israel first traitors and it doesn't matter how you stir them up in a few days, you will still have the same thing. Just a different bunch of traitorous liars to bitch about.

There. I think that I have managed to grind you out something and I believe that I have managed to get something in here for everyone to hate me for. So that makes me smile and that is really what this is all about anyway. Making me smile.

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