17 October 2010


You have to know what is coming now. There should be no doubt in your mind that I am going to dwell on those poor, poor, persecuted, abused, misrepresented, woebegone, underdog, shekel hording, usury loaning, lying, stealing, trickery infested, white slavers, the Jews!

There is no one on this planet who has more money, influence and power as a race of people but yet everyone is supposed to feel sorry for them and coddle and give in to their every wish and demand. Hell, Palestinians were told, "get the hell out of your country or be murdered. Because this is Jew land, according to the Bible." Which it is not. Even according to the Bible. And these people are not the descendents of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. They are liars, imposters and using the Bible to hoodwink the rest of the world into letting them have their evil disgusting way. No matter what the cost. Or no matter who pays the bill. As long as it is not them.

Hell. They have actually convinced Judeo Christians that they didn't kill Christ. That the abomination of sodomy is a-okay and that race mixing is now blessed by the Lord. And no one calls them out on it! That would make you an anti Semite! Who the hell cares? I am very anti Semitic.

I am also anti simian, if you get my drift. I also like nice, dry, backs. Wearing towels on the head does not meet with my approval, at least in my country. If you have to walk around with nothing but your eyes showing. Then the solution is.... do not walk around. Stay home. You don't want to be seen so just stay out of site because if you are that ugly no one wants to look at you anyway. All people with black eyes should stay out of the blue-eyed devil's country. Problem solved! Take your black hair, whether it be knappy or strait, your black eyes, your wet backs, your burkas, your anchor babies and get back home wherever that is. Don't be over here bothering me or mine. It's not my fault that your people are too stupid to build anything but a mud hut and cook monkey-on-a-stick. Go home and build your own industry. Quit trying to leach off of whitey. Remember? You hate me. So git home!

Sorry. I got off track there for a minute. Now back to the people who have convinced us to let this third world cancer spread throughout the planet. Of course only to white countries. No one else needs diversity. Israel doesn't need diversity. Africa doesn't need diversity. Palestine doesn't even need to exist. According to these people. Who are free to dictate what the rest of the world should think, do and say. "And how do they wield such power?" You ask. Jew Gold. That's it. Every leader of the world want's to line his pockets with Jew gold no matter what the price the rest of the world must pay. As long as he gets his Jew gold.

You are still not convinced that I know what I am talking about? How about this. If Jews are soooo proud of being Jews and not up to thievery and trickery. Why do they either camouflage or completely change their names so no one will know that they are Jews? Why do they have their noses bobbed and their ears lobed? If they are not trying to hide their identity? Why have Jew doctors convinced the world to circumcise all male babies if they are not trying to hide themselves among the masses? While we are on this subject, why is it genital mutilation when Muslims do it to women but it is healthy and wonderful when Jews do it to boys?

I know that you Jew lovers out there think that I get on these people too much. But they are on us twenty-four seven and very few of us want to bite back at them. So my little tirades here are not even the tiniest scratch of what needs to be exposed about these horrid creatures that had to have been spawned in hell and are trying to bring us back to hell with them. It's your war to. You are just too scared or too dim to realize it. But when the worm turns, and it will, you will be thanking your lucky stars that their were racist , hater, anti Semites like me out there grinding away their protective shell so everyone could get a glimpse of the horrible, disgusting creatures that the Zionist Jews really are. Thank you very much!

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