12 September 2010


Everyone is having a cow about building a Mosque at ground zero. Everyone is saying there really doesn't need to be any Mosques in white, Christian America. Which by the way, I agree with one hundred percent. We have very few real deserts. Also, very few domestic camels to make a caravan out of. Not that many people who want to eat goat eyes for breakfast. And finally, a woman in a burka is just ridiculous driving a car in America. So why don't we just shoo all of the Arabs, the mosques, the camels and the burka clad women back to the Middle East where they belong and where all of that stuff looks at home?

But..... while we are on the subject..... what about synagogues? Why do we need synagogues in white Christian America? They are ugly and they smell funny and every time a Christian walks by one he is supposed to spit disgustedly on the ground. "Why?" you ask. Well, let me tell you. That is what Jews do when they walk by a Christian church or a Christian cemetery and I truly believe that we should return the favor. Let me tell you if you are walking around a place like Jew York or Denver you had better have a lot of spit and possibly even a cold so you can hack up all of that really disgusting spit and not become dehydrated. Letting Jews live in America sucking away it's life blood is like letting your poor dog stay infested with fleas until it just kills him. So while we are in the shooing business why don't we just shoo all of the Jews, all of the synagogues, all of the Jew crookery, and all of the Jew sneakery back to....... back to...... Oh. I forgot. We have no place to shoo them back to because just like the fleas the only place they can survive is somewhere where they can suck the life's blood out of gentiles. No gentiles? Jews die. But we do have gunny sacks, rocks, and rivers.

Okay. But we still have people to shoo away, Even you know about these people. You know. The ones that you see everywhere sounding like magpies yapping at each other in your local Walmart or Home Depot. Some more parasites who like to dwell among the white race sucking away it's life force all the while bitching about what a horrible group of people that we are. You got it. The Mexicans. Another parasitic race of people who can and should actually be shooed back to Mexico where they are escaping out of daily like a ruptured aneurysm.

Then we have the Negroes. Another parasitic race that likes to dwell among white people and continually piss and moan about how horribly we treat them but they do nothing to try and get away from us. Which I would be glad to help finance by the way. While they are raping, robbing, torturing and murdering us, we are the ones being accused of abusing them! Now I understand that this pestilence is kind of self inflicted but do we have to continue suffering just because our ancestor were once foolish enough to buy black monkey-looking animals from fat Jewish slave traders? I should think not. And we do have a place to shoo them back to and it is the richest continent on the planet. Africa. So they would complain a little. Who cares? They complain anyway. We could give them their fifty acres and a mule... in Africa. We could either buy the land and give it to them or just kick some butt and take the land and give it to them. Either way at least. We would be rid of them and I am one to say that it would be good riddance.

"What about the breeds?" you ask. "Because the race traitors have caused us problems there." Well, let me tell you. In our centuries of having to put up with the Jews we should have learned something from them. We just use trickery. Before we announce this shooing operation we just advertise that anyone who has a percentage of Arab, Jew, Mexican, Indian or Negro blood is entitled to money. Depending on the percentage. The bigger the percentage, the more money you would get. They would be coming out of the woodwork and you know it. That is just the way that parasites operate. They cannot stand not to get free money. There. you have them!

See. It is not brain surgery to make America a white Christian nation once again. It just takes a little out-of-the-box thinking. "What about the jobs white people won't do?" you ask. I would say that I guess the rich folks could clean their own houses and mow their own lawns or they would just be really dirty and scruffy. Get used to it! toughen up for Christ's sake!

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