26 September 2010


I don't know if you have ever noticed, but the gist of this blog is observations about the stupidity that I notice. Now whether it is unintentional stupidity or stupidity that is based on someone's ideology, it is still stupidity in my world. Even retardation leads to stupidity by my standards. So they have all been covered here at one time or another and most of my information is based on facts but I will admit that sometimes if I don't care too much about the subject, or I can't find any related factual information or maybe I'm just too lazy. I will just make up stuff based on my vast experience, bigotry, and racism.

There are people that I know personally and even consider them probably a lot smarter than I am who sometimes try to defend the most outstanding displays of stupidity that are known to man. AKA Israel's kindness and honesty, the fabricated holocaust, the honesty of Abraham Lincoln, the hatred of Adolph Hitler and finally the facts on the Northern War of Aggression. Now I know that they have been spoon fed the popular versions of these things their entire lives but the facts can be dug out very easily if they would only take the time. Anyway, I am a little forgiving when people defend these subjects and just hope that I have at least created a chink in the blinding armor that is keeping them fooled.

But things that I am not so forgiving of when people try to defend them or it is; Judeo Christianity, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the whole federal government, sodomites, violent Negroes, illegal Mexicans, all of the race traitors, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck. There are a lot more, but these are at the top of my list as being totally indefensible. Anyone who even tries to defend these treasonous Israel firsters and the rest should face the same firing squad that these traitors should be put in front of.

If you want to defend something, if you actually have that much backbone, defend Mom, apple pie, God, freedom and your own white race from the genocide that is being perpetrated against it. Try defending your freedom of speech, your right to bear arms and the rights of your children not to be indoctrinated into the communist manifesto in the public school system. Try defending your own white, Christian nation from being invaded by brown and black third worlders who hate you and would love to see you dead. After they take everything from you that is of any value whatsoever.

But if you insist on defending the things that I despise, all I ask is this. Do it behind my back or under your breath so that I don't have to hear it because like you I am never changing my opinion. But, unlike you, I am not an arguer and if you are close enough to me when you defend these things, I will just break your nose. That is the way that I argue. That is the way I have argued my entire life and I see no point in changing at this late stage of the game.

If you are not close enough to me so that I can hurt you to change your opinion then my second option is just to never again acknowledge that you are a living being. I am probably in the Guinness book of world records for long time grudge holding. I can't remember your name for thirty seconds when I first meet you but I can hold a grudge against you until I suck my last breath of air. I might not remember why I don't like you, but I will never forget that I don't like you for some reason. You could say that I am a world famous bridge burner and I have been my entire life.

Now I know that this is a terrible trait and if I were a touchy feely guy that went to a psychiatrist he would tell me that I probably hated my dog, or the cat molested me but I can't remember it. Or maybe my aunt Matilda used to lock me in the closet until I wet my bed. Who knows? Who cares? I am who I am and now you know. Just do not defend these things. At least to me. It will not do either one of us any good and it might hurt you. Or me. If you are one of those Hong Kong Phooey people. But either way, you will know that I was there. So just don't waste your time and my energy by defending stupidity. It doesn't help either one of us.

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