05 September 2010


Why does everyone who is a politician supposedly representing America and her citizens not give a whit that there are over twenty million unwanted illegal Mexicans in our country? They apparently truly don't care. Arizona, for all of it's bluster and go to attitude reelected the traitor John McCain? I don't care if he spent 21 billion dollars on his reelection he would not get my vote! I allowed a half Negro to become President because I could not choke myself down enough to vote for the traitor John McCain and I am no fan of Negroes, no matter what strength their Negro blood is. At least not running my country.

Since Arizona apparently loves traitors and Mexicans sooooo much, let's put all twenty plus million of them in Arizona since apparently no one wants them to go back to old Mexico where they belong. Why do we need illegal Mexicans in the United States? To build our patios and trim our lawns? They are of no value and they are very expensive to maintain. Let's kick them, their anchor babies, their poor old grandma Mexicans and their poor old grandpa Mexicans and all of the no English speaking teenage gang banging Mexicans and the little pregnant Mexican whores all to Arizona where they will be loved and cared for and the traitor John McCain can vote to get amnesty for them all!

Then maybe Arizona could vote in queer marriage, cow raping, and start teaching ebonics in all of her schools. Then they could have Mestizo holidays and their new state motto could be "The Little Brown State Who loves Traitors".

We could have the Jews build one of those apartheid walls around it like they did in Israel to keep out Palestinians only this one would be to keep the Arizonians and their little brown buddies and their American traitors in.

I always thought that Massachusetts was the stupidest state in the union because they had the wino Tip O'Neal as a senator for a hundred years and then they replaced him with the puddin' head alcoholic Ted Kennedy for another hundred years. But I am beginning to believe that the voters in Arizona are even lamer than the ones in Massachusetts.

As long as Arizona seems to be soooo fond of diversity let's also put all of those Somalis that are being imported for no apparent reason there and also all of the retarded Hatians that we imported a year or so ago. Also for no apparent reason. Then the white folks in Arizona can be soooo proud of their little chocolaty brownish state. It would be what I would call a shit-muckle-dunn state all full of diversity and all.

What really ticks me off is I was dumb enough to send Jan Brewer fifty bucks to help in her evidently fake lawsuit against the Obama regime when it sued her. I guess that was just another one of those false flag operations that our wonderful government is so famous for.

If you haven't noticed by now, this incident aggravates me quite a bit. I never ever believed that they were ignorant enough to reelect that scumbag! It is almost beyond my comprehension. Those gooks in the Hanoi Hilton didn't name him "Songbird" for no reason if you get my drift. What has America turned into? The traitor Jane Fonda gets a woman of the year award and the traitor John McCain gets to live in DC on taxpayer money so he can give amnesty to illegal Mexicans!

I know that I am just ranting but you have to understand that this goes against every core value that I have and on top of that I gave away fifty dollars to a false flag operation! What a dummy I am! This is going to take me awhile to get over. In fact, I might be traumatized. It is just too early to tell yet. I might need some Ritalin or be getting that multi letter disease the lets you act like an asshole and no one can fault you for it because you are sick with your multi letter disease. I would tell you the letters but I'm not real sure which multi letter disease is the most terrible and I am too lazy to look it up.

Maybe I am mistaken but I thought that America was for Americans? I also thought that politicians are elected to represent the wants and ideals of the American citizens? When did it become America for illegal aliens and politicians and Israel and to hell with the real Americans who pay all of the tax money that these scumbags are wasting on everything but what America and her citizens want and need? Do we need our children fighting the Jew wars over in the Middle East? I think not. Do we need Jew bankers printing monopoly money for our ZOG politicians to spend? I think not! I think that we need to start considering having a "vanilla" America, just filled to the brim with "blue-eyed devils"!

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