01 August 2010


Once again we can raise our heads with pride to be part of the union of the United States of America. Us and Mexico have declared war on Arizona. That fourth part of the axis of evil that includes Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

So now at least American children can fight and die for Mexicans instead of Jews. I hope their parents will feel better about that. Some of their kids might even be able to come home for lunch in this war. I bet it will end up being another Vietnam quagmire. Except this time without the almond-eyed whores. What a disappointment that will be. But maybe being able to go home for lunch will make up for it.

Just because we are a third world country with a retarded Negro chief, Arizona just thinks it can bully us around. I can't wait until we get their crappy star off of our flag and outlaw their state quarter!

The stupid snowbirds will have to go somewhere else this winter because I'm sure you can't hang around in a state we are at war with. That would make you a collaborator. Besides, who would want to hang around somewhere where there are no Mexican criminals and everyone speaks English? Not me, that is for sure.

I wonder if we will impose sanctions against them? Or maybe build an apartheid wall around them like the Jews have done the Palestinians in Israel. We will have to reroute the Colorado river so the Mexicans in California can still have water because I'm sure Arizona is going to start emptying their sewers into it and doing all sorts of disgusting things in the water if it would continue to pass through their state.

You white people in Arizona can go to heck! You bunch of racists that just want to look out for yourselves and have a better place for your legal residents to live, work and play. What kind of disgusting perverts are you? Watch how fast you will no longer have any Home Depots in Arizona. Then how will you feel? You will have to come up with your own industry and then us third world Americans will come sneaking over your apartheid wall so we can find jobs. So. Nanny, nanny to you! We will make fake Arizona IDs and our government will tell us all of the tricks on how to get in there and blend in. Then we can send money home to the United States to help our third world relatives out. So you are just trading brown illegal immigrants for white illegal immigrants.

Maybe, in a few years after you no longer have a sensible patriot like Jan Brewer leading you, you can elect you a Negro chief or worse yet even John McCain to be your leader. Then we can join together again and all of us can sneak into Mexico to find jobs and send money back home to our bankrupt nation where all of the illegal Mexicans, Haitians, Somalis, Piuerto Ricans, Cubans and east Indians are residing.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you squint hard enough to see it. We will have to make sure and take plenty of spray cans of paint so we can paint graffiti on the Aztec ruins and anything else we come across to make it look more whitish so we feel more at home.

If we wanted, we could build an infrastructure, fancy homes and water treatment plants. We could even invent and build planes, equipment, bombs and bullets and sell them in little open air booths to the travelers along the road. With all of the brown people living up north in the wintry cold it would be pretty luxurious with a twelve month a year growing season and ideal year round weather for vacationing tourists. We could build fancy resorts along the coasts and the tourist trade would make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Just think. Cars with no head-bolt heaters. No coats heavier than a windbreaker. No storm windows or frozen water pipes. We could build hydro-electric dams ran by the tides to power all of the air conditioners we would ever need and we could use freon once again to keep everything nice and cool because all of the environmentalist would be up north with the brown people complaining to them.

See? Just as I told you earlier, the glass is always half full instead of half empty. You just have to have the right attitude and not let the stupidity wear you down. Just roll with it because you can bet your life there will be something even more stupid waiting just around the corner that is going to amaze you even more than you already are.

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