22 August 2010


Of course you know that the ADL and the SPLC are both "hate watchdogs" and they keep track of anyone or any group who might have ANY questions about world Jewry and the truthfulness of their stories. So I decided that I am going to be a "hate watchdog" for white people this week.

The most hateful person and group toward white people would have to be Abe Foxman and the ADL and of course my second most hateful toward the white race is absolutely Morris Dees and the SPLC. No one with even a 2.5 ounce brain can possibly argue with these two choices. Now my third choice and this will be the last one in the order of hatefulness, will have to be the ACLU. Now the rest will be in no particular order, but I don't think anyone will be able to disagree that every one of these groups hate white people and everything that we stand for and they would love to see us genocided from the planet.

Let's start with AIPAC. You are led to believe those letters stand for: American, Israeli Political Action Compact. But what it actually stands for is: American & Israeli People Against Caucasians. The NAACP.... Negroes Against All Caucasian People.

The Black Panthers hate white people and openly admit it. The RAZDA Mestizos hate white people. They call us blue-eyed devils! The Democrats and Republicans definitely hate white people, why else are they trying to "brown" us out of existence?

All black people hate us. No matter where they are in the world. They say that they hate us because of "slavery" even though there is not an African alive who has ever been or can even remember anyone who was ever a slave. At least the slave of a white person. I think they just like to hate us for no apparent reason.

American Indians hate us because we gave them a beating and put them on reservations. Where they have been collecting damages hand over fist ever since and you can see what a race they have developed into from never having to take care of themselves. Just goes to show you what "coddling" can accomplish. It costs billions and the people become worthless and they still hate you for something.

Jews hate us because we are Christians and they had Christ murdered and now they want us to forget that they did it. Muslims hate us because we turn a blind eye on any atrocity that Israel perpetrates on the world of Islam. They also hate us for the Christian thing but I think more so for defending Israel unwaveringly.

East Indians hate us because we eat cows by the ton. Probably also because we are Christians but I am just guessing on that one. Japanese hate us just because we nuked them a couple of times. Even though they originally asked for it.

Other white people hate us if we acknowledge that we are white and proud of it. I'm sure penguins hate us for going to the South Pole. Once again, I am just guessing on that one.

The NEA (National Education Association) hates white people. Hollywood hates white people. The news media also hate white people.

I am beginning to think that it would be easier to list the groups and people who like us because a hate watch for white people just goes on and on and on..... So if you are a white person, you can expect to be hated and despised and if you are foolish enough to point it out or complain about it, you are a racist, or an anti Semite, or a bigot or all of the above.

But even though you are totally horrible, you still get to be white! Nothing anyone says or does can change that, unless they burn you or paint you that will never change. You were born white and you get to die white and if you have any love for your descendents, they will have that same privilege. Hopefully for all time to come. See? It's not so bad being wonderful!

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