15 August 2010


You have certainly noticed by now, at least if you are a regular reader of this tripe, that my list of friends can probably be counted on not more than both of my hands and in reality it would probably take only one hand. I do not count relatives that I am fond of as my friends. They are in a whole different category as far as I am concerned. But, you can be absolutely certain that I have zero Jew friends, zero Negro friends, zero Mexican friends and zero Indian friends. I didn't plan it that way but they just seem to be unfriendly people where I am concerned.

We all understand that since I was white when I was born, I was also a racist when I was born and if the truth be known, I was probably a racist when I was conceived. I don't know that, I am just guessing. But you know, everyone has to be good at something and so I am good at being a racist. I wear racist caps, I wear racist shirts. I once had a cat that was a racist and if I had a dog, he would also be a racist. I would not tolerate anything less in him.

I don't dislike other races, I just don't want to hang around with them. A Mexico full of Mexicans talking like magpies bothers me not one iota. An Africa filled to the brim with Negroes running around giving each other AIDS and living in little mud huts that they built is wonderful... for them and I would NEVER go there and pester them. Deserts full of Arabs and Indians look wonderful in the National Geographic. I would never buy one but I will browse through it while I'm sitting and waiting to do some important white person thing. But far be it from me to go out in the desert and want to live among them, I just will not do it nor would I ever want to. I would have to kill one of their sacred cows to make me a sandwich and then they would want to "stone" me or something.

And if all of the Jews wanted to move to Antarctica since that is the only uninhabited place left on this planet, they could go there with the peace of mind that no one would come down there bothering them and then the Palestinians could have their country back as it should be for a peaceful world to happen.

But I don't want to live around any of these people or go to their countries and intrude upon their lives and customs so they have to contend with me. I say, "Live and let live." So why in the world do they want to come to my country and live with me and then bitch and moan because I want to have Christmas and Easter with Christmas trees and baby Jesus and I want to celebrate Columbus day and not celebrate Martin Luther King Day. He did nothing for me or mine so why in the world would I want to celebrate anything about this communist whore monger?

I don't want to drive by my White House and look at a giant menorah but no Christmas tree. I also don't want to look in the window and see a high yellow Negro in there strutting around like a bloated peacock. Unless he would happen to be cleaning up the dishes before he heads back to Kenya with a Jew under each arm.

If we are going to have criminal clubs here, let's get back to the mafia and the IRA. They have a lot more class and are not near as inclined to murder sleeping babies in their cribs as they do their drive bys. They know about the cant of a weapon so the bullet goes where it is supposed to and all of these brown and black people can do these horrendous things in their own countries to their own people.

Why should we have to put up with it? We don't go to their countries and act like that. I understand that we are killing folks in Iraq and Afghanistan but that is just for the Jews and if they would move to hell out of Palestine, it would no longer be necessary for American boys and girls to be over there killing Arabs.

There it is. That is why the six friends that I have are all white and if I am ever lucky enough to find any more, they will also be white. I am just funny that way. It is nothing against you brown and black folks out there, I just don't want to be your friend. That is the way it is when a person (me) is born a racist. It is just kind of an instinct thing and I know from reading the news that you people feel the same way. But for some reason, that doesn't make you a racist like it does me. Who knows how that works? I guess the Lord just works in mysterious ways.

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