11 July 2010


I used to believe that I was very patriotic. Until we got a Negro Marxist president. Until we got a Supreme Court overrun with Zionist Jews. Until our own elected congress became one hundred percent liars, traitors and Israel Firsters.

These are the people we can thank for our children fighting and dying in the Middle East... for no one but Israel. these are the people we can thank for our children having to be murdered by Muslims in the Middle East.... for Israel.

These same people want to make twenty million Mexican law-breakers legal American citizens. These people spit daily all over our Constitution, our rights, our liberties and our freedom. All for the sake of themselves and foreign interests. They have no interest in doing what is right for our people and our nation.

If you know anything about God and the Bible, he is always smiting people who need it. All I'm saying is I think that he is missing a hell of an opportunity here. Because if ever a group of people needed the crap smote out of them. It is this bunch. Maybe God is on a holiday and hasn't noticed them yet. One can always hope. I mean you have sodomites and race mixers running rampant through the halls of Congress. Both of these abominations are explained clearly in the first few books of the Old Testament, and how to mete out the punishment for them. I know that after the recommended punishment for those two particular abominations is administered, those abominations, on those particular people, is never a problem again.

So would I even cost myself the danger of even getting a hangnail to defend these treasonous rats? I think not. I would not waste a breath of air, a drop of sweat, an ounce of fat, a calorie of energy, nor a second of consideration. So I would say no. I am no longer a patriot of the current third world dictatorship called the United States of America.

Would I do anything to give it back to the people who actually have earned the title to it? Absolutely. The ditch diggers, the truck drivers, the farmers and ranchers. The people who entrusted these traitors to run it for them and then were stabbed in the back by these Hebrew coddling worms. Everything that I am capable of accomplishing within their own twisted laws which will surely come back to bite them hopefully sooner than later.

So if you are one of the self indulgent elites who are trying their best to drag us all into diversity hell, I am definitely not a patriot. But... if you are an old school American who can't lift your head up from the tax burden that you have on your back, placed there by a bunch of elitists who hate every fiber of your being.... then yes. I am definitely a patriot who will gladly give every drop of blood that I own to get this once great land back into your hands.

If you are one of the poor bastards over in the sand box fighting and dying in the Jew wars for Israel, sent there by a president who believes that you should furnish your own health insurance while he is giving illegal Mexicans and layabout Negroes all of the medical coverage they can stand. Then yes. I am a patriot who would do anything to help get you safely out of the hell that you have been thrown unnecessarily into that has nothing to do with the safety of America or it's people.

So take your choice. It matters nothing to me. People hate me for my racist, anti Semitic and homophobic opinions. If you think that I might lay awake nights trying to figure out ways to make you like me again. You are wrong. I am what I am and I believe what I believe. And until you can come up with some tangible proof that I am wrong..... then nothing is going to turn me around.

So go suck an egg. Or a raw fish. Or maybe a male appendage. Whatever you people suck on to make yourselves feel better about the evil that you perpetrate on others to further your own creature comforts.

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