04 July 2010


I am at a total loss for anything to raise hell about this week. There are many things that deserve attention but which one should I take on? I have been trying to convince you of the utterly evil, parasitic race we know as "the Jew", but I guess until they come and cut your throat personally you just don't seem to believe me and you are too lazy to check it out for yourself.

I could give the sodomites hell but then you "Judeo Christians" would be up in arms at me. Like you think you will get into heaven with your Jew approved Christianity. I think probably not. The same with the race mixing. God has changed his mind in recent years and just loves coal burners and sodomites. Once again, this is according to Judeo Christianity.

Or I could bitch about the illegal Mexicans running amok throughout the country but no one but me seems to care about that, also. They are still coming across the river in droves so they will be here when they squirt out their anchor babies or the retarded Kenyon uses his executive orders to make them all legal Americans who just happen not to speak a word of English and hate everything about our country except the free lunches.

Even the horrific Negro rapers seem to be just a public nuisance that no one cares about except maybe the rapee after she heals up and discovers she has a pickininny in the oven and full blown AIDS.

The politicians who are one hundred percent traitors, liars, and Israel firsters are some more disgusting specimens that seem to be getting a complete pass for all of their traitorous acts and deeds.

You don't seem to care. You sit around on your duff sucking up the Jew news and believing every word they tell you. You go watch the Jew movies and say that they are wonderful entertainment. You gladly let your sons and daughter go off to the Middle East to fight and die in the Jew wars. Israel must be kept safe, you know.

Chances are most of you still believe the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" story that was fed to you a few years ago that so far over four thousand American Children have had to pay for with their lives. Just to get rid of poor old Saddam who Israel hated so passionately. Now the Jew news is telling us Iran has nukes so ten thousand American children will probably have to go die to get rid of Admadinejad for the war criminal Netanyahu who should actually be hung at a Nuremberg war crimes trial. Does no one care that this terrorist a-hole has over two hundred nukes? Evidently not.

So there you have it. What else is there? All you care about is getting your toddler into the state run school system to start it's indoctrination at the age of two and a half so you can get out of the house and maybe burn a little coal while your white husband is out earning a living for you. If he can even get a job because white men really shouldn't be allowed any good jobs in this wonderful diverse world.

Or, on the other hand, maybe you are the white guy who couldn't get a job because of affirmative action so your wife is out earning the living while you are sitting on the sofa eating potato chips and drinking beer while watching all of the Negro thugs play football, basketball or baseball on your fifty inch widescreen. You probably voted for the Kenyon, not that it matters much. Old tumor face wouldn't have been any different. But now you are hoping the Kenyon will executive order you a few more years of unemployment so you don't have to miss the next play-offs.

A third of the Supreme Court is apparently going to be Jews shortly. I wonder what all they will discover in the Constitution to help Israel out? They might even discover something that will make the hated goyim illegal to be alive. Don't you find it even a little strange that there are so many Jews and not even one Protestant on there? It's sure not looking good for Christianity once again.

You couldn't really count me as a Christian. At least not a good one. But I do know enough about the principles of it to know that what is being fed to you in ninety percent of the churches today is not Christianity as God intended it. It might be Christianity as the Zionist Jews perceive that it should be. Once again, Jew gold has won the battle, for even your souls.

So, there you have it. I think that I have covered something that should aggravate every one of you that happen across this. If I did miss something, leave a comment and I'll try to cover it in a later edition.

I know that I didn't say anything about the crazy Muslims, but as bad as they dislike Jews, I just have a tendency to leave them alone until they do something really nutso. Like when they saw off heads with bow saws on TV. I have even been suspicious that those were just Hebrews dressed up like Muslims to piss us off at the Arabs even more. They are always doing that kind of crap. Remember the USS Liberty? The USS Cole? And how many other things that they got away with doing and Muslims got the blame because no one caught them?

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