13 June 2010

WHAT THE .....?

Piracy on the high seas is forgivable as long as it is committed by Jews? These atrocious parasites are going to get another pass? They lay around causing murder and mayhem around the world while being supported one hundred percent by American and European taxpayers?

I am no fan of the Arab and some of the crazy things that they do. But, I am a lot less of a fan of the conniving, sneaky, Zionist Jew! I think that it is about time for Israel to be put out of everyone else in the world's misery. Give Palestine back to it's rightful owners. The Palestinians. Let them deal with the interlopers that have been occupying their land for sixty-five years. And we can all hope that they would deal very harshly with them.

Let the Middle East settle their own dust without any help or interference from us or anyone else. Just like in the Bible, the Jews and everything that they can pack can be marched into the Red Sea. Then, if God parts the waters for them, that would prove that the people calling themselves Jews are not just the minions from hell that they appear to be. If the waters don't part.... well.... I guess it's bye, bye to the most horrible parasites that this world has ever experienced.

And I at least say, "good riddance." There is no visible improvement in the world by them being here so I think they need to evolve to the next plane of their existence and get out of our hair.

Where could the white race be today if it wasn't carrying this huge Jewish anchor around it's neck? Probably at least to Mars and beyond. It is almost impossible to accomplish noble deeds with these, ugly, slimy, Jew creatures hanging all over you sucking your life's blood away.

Jews remind me of maggots eating on a hemorrhoid scab or maybe an old menstrual scab. Or those little worms that crawl out of your dog's butt onto the tinfoil when you test to see if he has worms. Or those little, itchy crab-looking creatures that live in the genital area of a diseased crack whore. Or even those little hook worms that nest in a pig's scrotum as he lays in his own feces to cool himself off.

There are elections coming up and all I can say is do not vote for ANY politician that says Israel is our bosom buddy. Nor any politician who ever attended an AIPAC convention. Find and vote for people who want to represent America and Americans and their interests. First, last, and always. Not politicians who trip over themselves to send billions of your tax dollars to support the parasitic state of Israel. Don't vote for politicians who will send your sons and daughters to the Middle East to die in the Jew wars for Israel. Vote for no politicians who want to surround themselves with Jew advisors, appoint Jew Supreme Court judges, or give control of our treasury to Jew bankers.

Right now, those politicians will be hard to come by. But as elections come and go and every election there are less and less Israel firsters. We can win this battle for our beloved land. Just a soul here, and a soul there. I don't know if that is the right kind of soul or not. But since Jews don't have souls and we avoid soulless people... we will naturally LOSE JEWS!

By now you may have noticed that I might have a natural, inborn, aversion to Zionist Jews. Just like cats and dogs detest each other, Jews and Christians are the exact same way. But for some unknown reason, most Christians have been lulled into a false sense of love and friendship for this parasitic life form. I don't understand it but I'm absolutely sure that it is not going to end well. Either the Christians, or the Jews will go down in a hail of abuse and hatred. It has happened time and time again throughout the history of the world and this time will be no different.

Christians have always come out ahead in the past, but this time, since the Jews have managed to start browning the white race out of existence.... If they can stay out of trouble long enough.... They might win this one.

I am assuming that you already know that by Jewish standards you, being a gentile, own nothing. You are just holding onto anything that you think is yours for them until they want to take possession of it. I am also assuming that you already know that when the Jews took over Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution over twenty million men, women, and children were tortured, murdered and starved to death. So it will probably a bit unpleasant if they manage to get undisputed control of this country.

One of the main problems they are having to this point in time is those pesky first and second amendments to our Constitution. But they are grinding away at them daily. With their control of the media, they have eliminated the problem of us electing the wrong people to run the country. Notice I did not say, "electing people to represent us". We haven't had that since the end of WWII.

Just for your information, I think that David Duke might make a run for the presidency the next time around. If every intelligent white, black, and legal Hispanic would vote for him, it would go a long way toward fixing this problem. And no. Contrary to the popular myth, he does not hate blacks and Hispanics. But he does love America and wants what is best for it and it's legal citizens, regardless of their race. It would be a hell of a refreshing change from what we have now or even what we have had in the past fifty years. But if it would happen, you can bet that the Jewish masters will come down hard on him, maybe even to the point of murder. Like they did with the Kennedy brothers.

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