20 June 2010


Why do we even bother discussing topics that no amount of discussion is going to move anyone's position? I have no idea. I have been writing here for a few years now and you have been reading it but has your perspective changed one iota from what it was when we started? I know mine has. On some topics I have done a complete one eighty.

I used to think that I was a Republican. I listened to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and believed whatever they told me. Like George W. Bush was wonderful. Benjamin Netanyahu was a savior. Admadinejad was an untrustworthy, killer Muslim. The twin towers came down because of our lifestyle. Israel was the best friend the United States ever had. Nazis murdered six million Jews just to be mean. Iraq had these horrible weapons and had to be invaded for our safety. Even back then I never bought the idea that there was no difference whatsoever between the races. I also never thought that women were just men without the same equipment or visa versa. I also never considered that queers were just a natural development for some people. Nor that we needed twenty million illegal Mexicans to be given anything but a vicious boot out of the country.

Did you notice that I didn't list Ann Coulter up there with Sean and Rush? I'll tell you why. Even though she is another "conservative" that will not mention the big fat Jew in the room, I have never seen her back off of anything she said that made the big, fat Jew in the room mad and I respect her for that at least.

I was also one of the people who thought that Abraham Lincoln was a wonderful man who freed the slaves from the evil Confederacy. Although, even back then, my sympathies were still with the south. When, actually, Mr. Lincoln was the 1860s John Kerry. Just a lying sack of crap who said whatever was needed for the crowd that he was talking to and spit all over the Constitution and invaded the south to keep his coffers full of their tax money.

However, I could never get on the; "We are all descended from retarded fish frogs" wagon. And I have always had a problem with organized religion. Though most of my life I never understood what the problem might be.

There have been hellacious wars fought over religion since the beginning of time. And who is right? Everyone can't be. For the last seventy years the Jews have been instigating the Muslims and Christians to kill each other to clear the path for them. But what about the other religions? Like what China has and India? Why does no one beat the crap out of them over their religions?

Since the Catholics and a lot of other Christian denominations have sold their souls to the Jews and become Judeoized or Jew approved. I think that we can safely assume that any Judeo Christian is full of it. Since Jews have spent the last two thousand years trying to destroy Christianity. Any Christian that they approved is surely headed to hell.

I have always despised, communists, liberals and hippies. To me they are all just different names of the same ideology. But politics is another sacred cow that is useless to discuss. In fact, everything that is listed here means everything to someone and when you approach them from the wrong side of that subject, whatever it is, you are in for a fight.

The Holocaust is one of the "Most Sacred" of the sacred cows and after studying the facts that can be proven about it and also the laws that have been passed and the people who have been jailed over criticizing it. I have come to the conclusion that the Holocaust sacred cow is made of nothing but thin air, lies, myths, and fabrications. In other words, it is another Jewish myth to promote their blameless persecution by the evil Aryan gentile.

There is another of the "Most Sacred" of the sacred cows. The fake country of Israel and the murderous, Zionist Jews who dwell there. After WWII, and they had managed to sell their fake Holocaust to the world. With the help of the United States and Britain by the way. Britain gives them Palestine so they just stampede there from all over Europe and America. Even the six million Holocaust survivors and start murdering the people living there and taking the land where the Palestinians had lived for two thousand years! Using the money and weapons given to them by the American and European taxpayers. All for something that never even happened.

There is not one thing nor one person that I have written about here so far that someone out there would not stab you in the ear with an ice pick if you talked bad about them or it. So, hate me if you must, but some day, you will understand for yourself that it is all the truth. That is probably why it is so painful.

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