06 June 2010


This blog was totally offensive, and it was meant to be. So if you were a little whimpy or thin skinned, you should have skipped it.

I am getting really sick of this head darkie's antics. He has only been in office for a year and a half and has us trillions of dollars more in debt trying to fix stuff that is just not broken. Lazy, non working Negroes (and whites and Mexicans) cannot be fixed by throwing money at them. But they can positively be repaired by throwing starvation at them.

Where is God and sickle cell anemia when you really need him? If only twenty-five percent of the stuff is true that we hear this boy is trying to sneak around and get accomplished, either with executive orders or through the United Nations, we are in VERY deep crap!

I mean, first he surrounds himself with Zionist Jew advisors and Israel firsters.... and we were worried about his Muslim ties. We could only hope. At least you know where you stand with those crazy little weirdos, not like these sneaky Jews!

As soon as that was accomplished, he starts giving taxpayers' money away to Jew bankers, broke car manufacturers, layabout Negroes and various useless countries around the world. Stealing this magical money from taxpayers who are so poor that they can't afford to eat more than twice a week. They can't afford to use any more toilet paper than that. You know with not cutting down trees because of the woodsy owl and all.

He sends more of our children to the Middle East to be murdered by Arabs to protect Israel and it's children. He appoints a racist Puerto Rican to the Supreme Court and just lately a dyke Jewess! What in the world is wrong with this picture? Not enough Jews on there already? For Christ's sake a third of the American Supreme Court is Jews! That is more Jews than they have on the Israeli Supreme Court. If those stupid Nazi supremacists even have such a thing.

Now he wants to have the United Nations take guns away from the American citizenry? So he doesn't have to meddle with the second amendment or Congress? What a sneaky, conniving Kenyan!

You think not? Then why in the hell did he sign his unwanted health care bill into law in the middle of the night on a Sunday? This uncouth person won't even produce a birth certificate to prove that he is even qualified to be president. Not that that would even come close to qualifying this...... sub-human.

You know for sure the next thing on his list is amnesty for all of those illegal Mexicans. As if we need twenty million of those broke, non English talking, sombrero wearing, siesta taking people running around like they own the place. Waving their Mexican flag in everyone's face. What's in the middle of that thing anyway? It looks like a giant dog turd to me. Keep it and them in Mexico where they belong.

Another thing, as long as I am this cranky. They need to stick that entire Patriot Act right up their collective asses. The only thing that it has ever accomplished is taking rights away from Americans. If we would just quit murdering Arabs for those Zionist Jews they would probably quit coming over here and blowing us up. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. If you go around killing an Arab's wife and kids because some Jew told you to, he will want to blow your house up. It makes perfect sense, even to me.

If we must have friends in the Middle East, let's have Arab friends. They sure as hell are not as sneaky and worthless as Jews and they have all of that oil that they would probably sell us cheaply if they liked us.

Who cares if Admadinejad has nukes? He's not any crazier than that terrorist Netanyahu and he has hundreds of them. If I had those worthless Hebes living next door to me, I would want nukes to keep them at bay.

Another thing. They can get their disgusting Jew menorahs off of anywhere that good Christian people have to look at them. They are a horrible eyesore and they offend me. You little whiskery, spit curly, Jesus murdering, funny hat wearing, hook nosed, lobeless earred people. It looks like a screwed up Devil's trident. You can take them and your creepy Star of Satan and stick them someplace where no real humans have to look at them.

Now if you happen to be one of the self-hating white people and this particular point of view outrages you.... Just go complain to yourself. No one cares. You are a bigger cause of the problems than everyone that I have already mentioned here. You should be put in a gunny sack with a big rock and thrown into the ocean. Or just send your white butts to Harlem or South Africa and see how well you get along there.

I went back and cleaned the wording in this blog up considerably after I calmed down. So if I missed some stuff in the rewrite you will have an idea of what it said originally. It was unfriendly to say the least. In fact, I had to delete one whole paragraph because there was just no way to clean it up enough so it wouldn't be a hate crime in our nice new freedom-of-speech country.

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