27 June 2010


You people disgust me. My dislike of you cannot be measured by any known measure at this time. Your blindness and stupidity is dwarfed by your ambition to be loved and respected by your own kind. Whose love and respect is not worth a pinch of puppy poop. You gather in the great urban areas of the world where you can live amidst your Hebrew masters and their bags of Jew gold. You eat soy beans and raw fish so you can be cool and sophisticated. At least in your own minds.

Some of you start your development in private schools and then get your graduate degree in Bolshevicism while in college. Others are just sheeple who stare at the ground and follow the sheeple in front of you. Not wanting anything to happen that might make you uncomfortable or ill at ease. Or that might cause an undesirable to notice you.

Your Hebrew masters with their lure of wealth and love tell you that importing millions of blacks and browns is wonderful and will only strengthen your country. Especially if you turn your back on your own race and interbreed with them and adopt their bastard, abandoned children to raise as your own and more than likely someday they will murder you in your beds while you sleep.

Since you dwell among the best of the best by the millions and eat your disgusting vegan diets you know for a fact that everything you think, say and do is the gospel, according to Tel Aviv at least. The waste of skin that holds your worthless bones together is astounding!

Here is one fine example. Rush Limbaugh.... the icon of present day conservatives.... if there is such a thing as a present day conservative. Spent one million dollars to have a queer sing at his fourth wedding! Now there is a conservative that you should want your children to use as a role model!

Here is another one the Messiah of the gimme gang... Baraach! Obama... A Kenyon who appeared out of nowhere and was given the presidency by your Hebrew masters. For no other reason than he has the IQ of a turnip and just looooves that Jew gold. In other words, easily manipulated. And don't fool yourselves, McCain would have been exactly the same because he has to fellate the same Hebrew masters. The same as Bush did and before that Clinton and before that Bush etc. etc. Probably back to at least President Pierce.

Among your acquaintances, because you have no actual friends. But among the people that you call your friends, you have to have a few queers and hopefully a couple of them have AIDS to prove your open mindedness and compassion for the lesser humans who dwell among you. Also a Negro or two and maybe an east Indian and also a couple of wetbacks. You know. So when you have a soiree it looks like a UN convention. Most of you have some kind of trauma made up of a bunch of letters that has just been invented by Jew psychiatry in the last thirty years. These fake diseases give you the excuse to act like the spoiled asshole you are and you feed you kids Ritalin to keep them comatose and if you are really lucky maybe you receive a little tuppence from the American taxpayer to help support your disgusting lifestyle.

Not a one of you would hesitate a split second to stab another of these "friends" in the ear with an ice pick if it would heighten your status within your group. As all of you sneer down at the rabble feeding at your feet, vying to get your attention and your love as you drop them little crumbs of kindness so they will stay there admiring you. A recent example would be poor old ugly Helen Thomas. An icon to you people for longer than anyone can remember. Look at what happened to her immediately upon criticizing your Jewish masters..... and saying the only truthful thing she ever stated in public at least in her entire career. She was gone so fast it made everyone's head spin and she was one of your favorites!

But to those of us out here that you refer to as "rednecks", " Bible thumpers", "racists", "homophobes", "anti Semites", "haters" and "gun toting" individualists, you are just the middle of a disgusting, self hating food chain that starts with the Zionists at the top with the fawning rabble at the bottom. A food chain that has nothing to do with dealing with reality or self preservation. Hopefully a food chain that is quickly becoming extinct.

As long as you can keep on ascending the perceived valuable ladder of awing your peers with your wealth and your self-important careers and to hell with the destruction you are perpetrating onto your race and your country with your self indulgence and clamoring for some praise from your Zionist masters..... you do not give a damn about what you leave behind after the end date on YOUR tombstone. Because in your mind, you are so wonderful that you should never die, anyway.

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