02 May 2010


Isn't it interesting how words are just invented to keep you in line with mainstream thinking? For example, if you are like me and find queers disgusting, repulsive, degenerate freaks. You are a homophobe. You or I, am afraid we might be turning into a queer! Interesting.

I just came across a new one, Islamophobe. This one, I am assuming, means that if you don't like people who blow themselves up in your neighborhood restaurant or saw your countryman's head off on national TV, you must be afraid you are turning into an Islam guy or girl. Don't you think that might be stretching it a little?

If you don't care for Negro thugs in your childrens' school or on your streets or dating your daughter, you are an intolerant racist. If you are one of the folks who hate to see your country torn apart by twenty-five million illegal Mexicans who are slurping up free schooling, free medical care, middle income jobs, and generally draining our county's economy while contributing nothing except filth, lingo no one should have to try and understand in America, creating gangs and causing general havoc.... you are a racist. Or..... afraid that you are turning into a Negro or Mexican! See how this works?

If you, like me, find that greedy Jew bankers running our country's monetary system, the Federal Reserve unreal on any level you are an anti Semite. If you think that America should come before Israel in our politicians work ethic, you are an anti Semite. If you are one of the folks, like me who think that greedy Jew bankers should not have been bailed out by our government, you are an anti Semite. If you think that maybe the Holocaust should be investigated with a critical, scientific eye, you are a really evil anti Semite!

Anything anti Jew makes you a hater. Like if you were to say, "Bah humbug!" to a Jew? You are an anti Semite! Or if you were to point out that AIPAC actually is a foreign lobby.... you ARE an anti Semite! Or if you think there are too many Jew advisors to our presidents... you are anti Semitic. You might think Jews own one hundred percent of the news media, but then you would be a Jew hater. Or if you thought that Jews own all of the entertainment media and pointed it out.... you are definitely anti Sematic. Or.... once again, you are a Jewaphobe and afraid that you are turning into an horrific Jew!

Another thing that makes you anti Sematic is if you think the genocide of Palastinians is wrong. Or if you consider Israel a fake, racist, country you are a hater of Jews.

If you believe that Haiti and sub Saharan Africa are disgusting, AIDS infested shitholes, you are once again a racist or an Africaphobe, turning into an African.

If you would support or join groups like the Klan or neo Nazis, or Militiamen, or Minutemen you have to be a crazy, evil racist.

If you think white people are anything but evil, retarded, greedy, racist, anti Sematic homophobes, then something is wrong with your psychology and maybe you should be seeing one of those Jewish psychiatrists so he could figure out why you are so twisted. Then you could go to your Jewish banker and borrow the money to pay him with. Then when you couldn't pay it back, the Jew banker would have his Jew lawyer come to take you to court and steal all of your possessions. Then the Jew reporter would write about it in his Jew newspaper and you could watch yourself on the evening Jew news on your TV!

And if you would be stupid enough to complain or point any of this out... Abe Foxman from the ADL would smear you across the internet as an anti Semite. And the Jew Mossad might come in the night and eliminate you using stolen English passports to get into the country! Then, if they didn't get caught, they would just blame the Iranian president and say that the United States must take out Iran to save Israel!

It's a crazy world, isn't it? All of this happened just because you thought that white people should be proud they are white, and that they had some rights and should be able to stand up for them.

What is the solution to this? I would not even venture a guess. Because we all know what happened to the last guy who tried to do something about it. He totally ruined a particular style of mustache forever!

I am just giving you the facts as I understand them. I might be wrong. I thought that I was once but then it turned out that I was right, so I was wrong anyway. Enjoy!

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