23 May 2010


I was thinking that I might try easing away from these political and racial topics because I have people who used to like me and now they just hate my guts. So to appease them I was going to try and just tell you about the funny stuff that one runs across daily while trying to deal with the politically correct world. But, the loonies just aren't going to let that happen. So I'm sorry, you haters, and you know who you are, but I have to return to my old road.

When we have a high yellow mulatto who was born in Kenya running our show there is just too much stupidity to let it rest. I'm sorry but if you have lips that look like they were stolen off of a giant squid's arm and your little monkey brain is the size of an atrophied acorn I have to report on your antics. Not all of the time of course because I haven't got the patience nor the time to write about every retarded breath that you take. But when you nominate a Jewess dyke to the supreme Court, this bears a little critical analyzing.

You have already stuck us with a racist Puerto Rican and now a dyke Jew? This is too much! There are already two Jews on there and we need another one? In a land where the Jewish population is only two percent... one third of our supreme court is made up of Zionist Jews? That's just not right. In a country where at least eighty percent of the population is Protestant, there is not even one Protestant Supreme Court judge? All I can ask is, "Why?"

Don't the people whose ancestors rightfully conquered this land for themselves and their posterity have any say as to what happens here anymore? Do we actually need half Negro presidents and Puerto Rican, Jew, and Negro Supreme Court justices?

What about all of this diversity that is supposed to be so healing and wonderful? Is it even better if there are no white protestants involved in it?

What would you have us do, go conquer another continent so that in a hundred years or so when you have totally ruined this one you can start whining and move in on us again? Will it ever stop with you people? Or do we just have to keep giving ground until you finally brown us out?

What happens then? You Jews are too lazy and greedy, the Negroes too dumb and violent and the Mexicans too lazy and uninventive. So what happens when you have finally ridden the world of the white race?

Whether you like it or not, whether you will admit it or not, if not for us you would all still be in Europe and Africa twiddling your thumbs and spreading diseases. While the Jews would still be trying to skin you out of something. No matter what it was as long as it was cheap or better yet, free.

If that makes me racist and anti Sematic, so be it. We need a hell of a lot more of us to put this planet back in perspective. No matter what it takes. I understand that as long as there are any of us left, we can come from behind and up from the bottom and beat and kill you into submission. But wouldn't it be a lot easier for all of us if that doesn't have to happen?

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but you are getting us into a corner here. And you know from history.... that is if you are able to read.... that when it comes to unmitigated violence and mayhem, We are more than capable. And it won't stop until all of you are almost extinct. Is that what you are shooting for?

Why don't you just try and get along? We have bent over backward up to this point and I am thinking that now it must be your turn. If you hate us, quit invading our country. If you belong here and hate us, try thinking of moving somewhere where you would love the folks that you live among. It's not really that complicated. Leave us to our own devices. I promise. We sure won't come and pester you.

And another thing. Bring our kids home from fighting the Jew Wars in the Middle East. And leave Admadinejad alone. He has just as much right to have nukes as Netanyahu and he is sure not any more of a terrorist or any crazier than Netanyahu. Just ask any Palestinian. And we don't have to worry about him. If we just quit bullying Arabs for Israel they would care less about what we are up to. As long as we just keep buying their oil. I bet that it would be a lot cheaper then, also.

This is not brain surgery, kiddies. Arabs don't blow themselves and us up because of the way we live. They do it because they have no other recourse as long as we keep killing them just because Israel tells us to.

I personally don't think Muslims hate Christians as bad as Jews do. Jews have been trying to physically wipe Christianity out for over two thousand years and they are finally getting it done. Starting with the United States. What do you think Judeo Christianity is? Jew approved Christianity, which is not Christianity at all.

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