09 May 2010


You might not have noticed, but I am not a fan of race mixing, neither am I a big fan of illegal Mexicans running around our country freely with no cares or worries about being deported. Also not a fan of having Negro neighbors or associates. I have nothing against them, I just think that they would probably be better off either out picking the master's cotton or back in Africa with a loin cloths and machetes among their own kind. I also think that sodomites are unnecessary. They are of no apparent value and just spreaders of disease like ticks and fleas. They should be given a queer island to live out their days among their own kind, also. The same goes for Jews. At least the Zionist kind. They should be exported to Antarctica since they want their own land and no matter how everyone lies to themselves, Palestine is not their land. It is being stolen from Palestinians.

And what balls Great Britain had! Promising American Jews that if they could get America to enter WWII that they would give them a piece of Palestine which they owned at that time. So for us going to war against Germany in Europe the Palestinians have been suffering a holocaust from the Nazi-like Jews of Israel for over sixty-five years! With no end in sight. And we wonder why crazy Arab bombers want to kill all Americans on sight? I cannot imagine why. I don't think that it is because of our freedom like we are told. If that was the case, they would be attacking Russia since they are a hell of a lot freer than we are.

And really, we are not much better off than the Palestinians. We have to tremble and humble ourselves in the face of Israel. All the while taking billions from our own pockets and giving it to them. Sending our children to the Middle East to be Murdered by Arabs to keep our beloved Israel safe and happy. Turning a blind eye to the continuous slaughter of Palestinian women and children to make more room for the Zionist Jews who actually hate Christians a lot worse than Muslims do.

Hitler and his dreaded Gestapo were just little cream puffs when you compare them to this crew. Old Benny Netanyahu and his dreaded Mossad sneak around in the dead of night performing their Holocaust on the world and then trying to blame someone else for it. At least Adolf and his boys took responsibility for what they were doing and they did their stuff twenty-four seven.

I think that time is proving that Hitler was probably on the right side of that war. Now you are outraged. Like I really care. You go around outraged about something most of the time anyway so just take a suck at my balls and be outraged some more. In fact, if Hitler would have won that war, how much suffering would us and the Palestinians be going through today? Probably very little to none. I can't prove that but if I were a betting man, that's where I would put the odds. How many brown and black people would be invading white countries? Once again, I am going to go out on a limb here and say very, very few to zero.

Now you might not like what I write here. But at least you don't have to read it. Then, at least, you can continue through life as the flaming liberal idiot that you have been up to this point in time. You can continue donating your children and your wealth to the Jews and Jew causes with no benefit whatsoever to you and yours.

The closing date on my tombstone is coming up and I am leaving no progeny to suffer the fate that you are creating for them. You have put Negroes, queers, Jews and Mexicans in all kinds of positions of authority and power to run your affairs for you. Good luck with that. You have turned your back on your own heritage and race for the sake of these people. Good luck with that. You scorn Christianity in favor of atheism and Judeo Christianity. Good luck with that also. You encourage your children to breed with other races to brown out your own. I hope that turns out okay for you.

So, once again, if I have offended you and caused you to be outraged all I can say is; "Who gives a crap? Chances are you are nothing but a thin skinned little sissy anyway and outrage is as far as you dare go or someone might break your precious little nose if you did anything but huff and puff around under your breath." With your pony tail and your ear grommet. In your giant darkie shorts with your cap on sideways. You are such a sexy looking little devil as you shuck and jive your way down the street. Your little sandals flip flopping against your little bare heels. The future of the world. It makes me kind of swell up with pride..... NOT!

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