30 May 2010


A couple of weeks ago I wrote some crap about folks who were dead. It was amazing to me of the value that these people gained by being dead! I'm sorry, but if they were worthless when they were alive.... they are even more so once they are no longer sucking air.

I wrote about this a long time ago, but I guess that I will have to reiterate. It is amazing to me that the murder of unborn babies is a-okay but killing evil grownups is sad. I guess that they (the babies) were worthless when they were conceived. Just because their mother was a crack whore and their father was the Tennessee Stud, they have no right to life.

But Tookie Williams, on the other hand, a Negro who started either the Bloods or the Crips. As if it matters. Wrote a children's book so he shouldn't be killed. I know, he is long since dead, but he is the most worthless person that I could come up with off the top of my head.

They should just rename the Bloods and the Crips to Darkie Gang 1 and Darkie Gang 2 and every time they catch any of them haul them to the Congo and put Darkie Gang 1 members on the north shore and Darkie Gang 2 members on the south shore and see how tough they are when real Negroes run across them.

I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought there for a minute. But let's get back to it.

Do you suppose that when God seen that Jeffrey Dahmer was dead he just forgot that the boy was eating Negro queers for supper when he was alive? This might be a bad example because I looked in the Bible and I couldn't find where eating Negro queers was one of the deadly sins. It is also not mentioned in the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. So I could be wrong on this one.

How about the famous gimp FDR? Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Now there's a dandy. Responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans in WWII. I guess he really was more valuable dead. He couldn't do any more damage to the world and especially America after that. Sorry. another bad example.

Okay. I got one. Walt Disney. He was an anti Semite! He was a draft dodger! He was a felon! He made wholesome movies for little kids! You talk about a horrible person when he was alive, he had to have more value after he was dead. I mean the people he disliked the most swindled his heirs out of his empire and now they make movies for little kids now that are "R" rated. What a wonderful improvement! So good riddance to you, Walt Disney!

I have another one. Mother Theresa. Remember? She had the unmitigated gall to die at the same time Princess Di was killed and she took away from Lady Di's publicity! Lady Di, who the press claimed was a whore until the second she died and then she rose in value above a woman who spent her entire life in poverty helping others. Death, especially in that case was a tremendous image booster. Unless you happened to be Mother Theresa.

I definitely got one! Jesus! Unless you happen to be a person of the Jewish persuasion who had him murdered and by doing so lost the deal you had previously made with God. So now, for having God's son murdered, you and all of your progeny get to go to hell when you die. Where your big old hook noses and lobeless ears will be burned to ashes time and time and time again. That made me feel sooooo good to write that. I don't know if that will hold true if you are only half a Jew or less, maybe you get a reprieve, I just didn't read that far in my Bible.

You know, if people go to hell for lying, that one might have gotten even me. But once again, I digress.

I know. You people are thinking that I am missing the most obvious one. But I am not going to even mention him because as far as I'm concerned, the jury is still out on that one.

I'll admit, I haven't come up with any good examples of dead people changing value from what they were when they were alive. So we will just have to go with my original opinion. That a worthless live person should be referred to badly even after he or she dies. And if they were wonderful in life, then they should be the same and not more so when they are dead.

You might not want to read this blog all at once. I just did and it gave me a migraine headache. I think that I swapped sides two or three times in it. So, sue me. Or better yet, wait until I am dead and then sue my estate and tell everyone how wonderful I was when I was alive!

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