25 April 2010


Can you even remember the last time that you even thought that with any honesty? Let's see.... Maybe when Regan was president? For me that was probably it. I think that Bush Senior was the first out of the closet neo con , that is, Jew approved conservative. Which all conservatives today are neo-cons or Jew approved, or else they are not in office.

A fine example of this would be the candidacy of Ron Paul. See. You don't even know who I am talking about. So it goes if you are in national politics in America and not an Israel Firster.

Democrats, it goes without saying, have always been Jew favorites since their platform has been ever since the likes of George Wallace and Zell Miller.... liberal. Aka socialist, aka communist, aka anti capitalist, aka anti America, aka pro new world order and it goes on and on.

We have a Negro president. Thank God that he wants to be known as a Negro and not a white person. In case you haven't noticed, he seems to be a total waste of Kenyon sperm. Instead of running marathons, which is one of the few things that Kenyons are good for, he is spending his days ruining any remnants that might possibly be left of the America of our Founding Fathers. And this is a darkie that is totally Jew approved. All of his advisors and most of his newly created czars are Zionist Jews.

Under his watch so far, we have two hate speech laws passed. So much for freedom of speech. He has taken over General Motors. So much for free enterprise. He has bailed out Jew owned world banks to pay them back for his winning the presidency. He has taken over the medical industry. He will fine and possibly jail people for not doing as he orders when it comes to medical insurance coverage. He will allow darkies with AIDS into the country to become a further burden for the bankrupt American taxpayer. He will tax food that he deems unhealthy to enrich himself and his kind even more. He will allow over twenty million illegal felons amnesty so they can become democratic voters and nationalized citizens. And further burdens to the bankrupt American taxpayer.

We have little kindergartners being arrested for bringing toys to school. Or for even drawing guns or dead people. We have white male teenagers being arrested for sticking a White Pride sticker on a school building. Or another one arrested for telling black people to leave Walmart over their PA system. That would have been just as funny if it were a black kid telling white people to get out of Walmart. Come on, folks! Where in the hell did your sense of humor ever go?

What a bunch of thin skinned ninnies the American public has turned into! There is no way that you can be proud to be an American and a part of this bunch of crying sissies! When hanging a noose anywhere is a hate crime? When making fun of the way an Asian (Chinaman) talks is a hate crime? Even saying Chinaman is a hate crime? Where questioning anything Jewish is anti Sematic? If you call a Mexican a wetback it hurts his feelings and makes him cry and you could be arrested for a hate crime? If you don't like queers and think that they are disgusting, that is a hate crime? And you can be proud to be a part of this? All I can think of is; how?... Can you be proud to be a part of this?

When Christmas trees and Nativity Scenes are outlawed on public property, you are proud of this? When your children can no longer have Christmas plays about the birth of Christ in their schools and you are proud of this? They also can no longer sing Christmas Carols and you can be proud to be a part of this?

When your white daughter brings home her first born and it is the same race as Obama and you are proud of this? When your son brings his new wife for you to meet and it has a male appendage and that makes you swell with pride? When your grandchildren will all be brown instead of white and this is something you can be proud of?

When your descendants not yet born and the ones that will come long after your death have been sold into taxpayer slavery in your lifetime and you are so proud of this being accomplished with your approval.

I can only hope that you break both of your arms patting yourself on the back for all of the things that you have let happen between the dates on your tombstone. I also hope that all of your little brown descendants come by to spit on your grave in utter disgust every now and then. I also pray that history points out the high treason that you have committed against your creator, your country and your children. So continue trudging to your impending death knowing all of the horrific conditions that you have created for those that you are leaving behind.

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