11 April 2010


I know that you probably get really sick of me harping on the intrinsic evil of the tribe who call themselves, "The Jew". Since they are not the Jews of biblical times, even the name that they have given themselves is a sham. Everything about them is fake. Their country, Israel, stolen from the Palastinians who had been calling the place home for two thousand years. The Holocaust, with a little reading and study of the available data on this event, I have went from Holocaust believer to Holocaust denier and it didn't take even a whole year of mostly very boring research to do this.

So now I believe, as anyone else who tried to figure it out on their own would surely end up believing.... that this is an almost purely fake event. So Israel's GNP is also built on total fakery. Since almost all of their income comes from leeching money from all of the European nations and the United States to pay for the horror of a Holocaust that affected the entire world and all races. It was not in any way exclusive to Jews, either then or now.

This is not saying that there weren't any horrific events in World War Two, because there were. This is also not saying that the Germans and Jews loved each other, because they did not. In fact, German Jews declared war on Germany before World War Two even started. This is why they were not considered to be a trusted part of the German population.

Hell. American Japs weren't even bothering us and we rounded them up and put them in camps and they had never caused us any problems. They considered themselves to be Americans. Unlike the Jews who even today, are Jews before they are citizens of the host country that they are living in. I know that in America and probably all over Europe they are the only people who are allowed to have dual citizenship. Everyone else who becomes an American citizen has to renounce their citizenship to the country of their birth. But not the Jews. Even if they are born here, they are still citizens of Israel first.

The reason this is allowed exclusively for them is Jew gold and Jew power. Because they are the ones who control the western world’s supply of money through international banking and also control of all of the main stream media. So politicians and world leaders have to bow to their beck and call in order to enjoy the blessings of Jew gold and glowing Jew publicity.

That is why, even though they are only 2% of our population they are over 95% of the advisors to the top leaders of all European based nation’s. With this being the case, I’ll let you guess where most of the problems in the world today are coming from.

It has always been the trait of world Jewry to pit their enemies against each other so they can reap the spoils of the conflict while destroying their adversaries at the same time. That is why for the last sixty years Christians and Muslims have been killing each other in the Middle East while the fat Jews sit on the sidelines prodding the combatants and rubbing their hands together in glee.

This is how through the control of our politicians and the control of all major media that they have brainwashed us into believing that diversity is our strongest attribute. When in reality it is the thing that is going to tear us apart and cause us to destroy each other. All for the benefit of world Jewry.

Eisenhower and Stalin sold the world this Holocaust bill of goods because Eisenhower wanted to be president of the United States and Stalin wanted control of all of Eastern Europe. So the treachery of our world leaders as they strive to please their Jewish masters apparently has no bounds. They are and have been selling us down the river and stealing everything that we produce for a long time now.

They have our politicians send our sons and daughters to fight and die in the Jew wars in the Middle East so Israel will be safe to massacre the people that she was allowed to enslave since 1945. How much are you willing to sacrifice and bleed for a people who in their own words find you disgusting and no better than animals?

If the Zionist Jews of the world have any connection to the afterlife as they claim to have it has to be that they are minions from hell and are doing Satan's bidding here on earth. So any compassion that you show to these people is going to be spit back at you in the form of some kind of treachery that will only bring you closer to the end of your religion, your race, your life, and your money and not necessarily in that order.

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