18 April 2010


I bet that you have no idea that April is considered Confederate History Month. You probably also don't care that it is Confederate History Month. But heaven forbid if anyone ever forgot Negro History Month. Or publicly dismissed Negro History Month. That would be unforgivable and you would be outraged! Well, maybe not you, since you are a reader of this blog, you like me do not give a crap about Negro History Month. Since Negroes really have no worthwhile history, no culture that anyone can put a handle on and have accomplished nothing in the advancements of human civilization.

Did you know that Stonewall Jackson, one of the generals of the C.S.A. was born on January 21st, 1824? The reason that I am telling you this is that instead of celebrating Communist Negro Whoremongerer Day, you can celebrate Stonewall Jackson's birthday instead! That is what I do. That way, you do not have to acknowledge that you have a day off to honor a treasonous, whore abusing, communist Negro.

I bet that you are also not aware that the"Civil War" had very little to do with slavery. The Northern War of Aggression as I like to call it came about because the south was sick of Washington D.C. sucking up all of the southern wealth in the form of taxes while ignoring the needs and desires of the southern states. About the same as they are doing today.

So the southern states, as was their right under the Constitution, seceded from the Union. But since Abraham and his cohorts in Congress did not want to give up all of that southern tax money, trampled all over the Constitution and state's rights and attacked them and started murdering their own brethren for no reason but greed.

Speaking of your hero, Mr. Lincoln, if you read his speeches from when he was running for the presidency, you will notice that just like John Kerry, whoever he was in front of and speaking to; what they wanted to hear is what he stood for. He was about as honest as any other lawyer. Or about as honest as a drug mule trying to make it through customs with a pound of heroin in his butt.

I bet that you didn't know that it was okay for Union soldiers fighting in the south to rape and murder southern women and girls because they might be giving aid and comfort to the enemy! Anything was allowed by the Union Army that degraded and destroyed southern chivalry and ideals.

The tyranny of the Washington D.C. government knew no bounds then just as it doesn't seem to now. Anything that is good for them and their creature comforts is okay for their subjects to pay for. Even if their subjects are already broke and against the wall.

I probably can't change what you think about that period of our history. But if you look at it realistically and do a little reading that wasn't written by the northern aggressors, I think that you will end up agreeing with me. The worst of it is, is that it is happening all over again. Outrageous taxes, steam rolling laws and bills through that the American people do not want or support. Allowing twenty million Mexican felons to become legal citizens. Exporting all of our industry to third world nations while our own country is falling into rot and decay from nothing to do except fight wars in the Middle East for Israel.

Our nation is being ran by traitors. There is not a one of them that should not be hung for high treason against the people of the Unites States of America. They all stand and pledge their allegiance to Israel and the Jew gold instead of the United States and it's people who they rob daily to support themselves and give away to the people that they deem worthy to receive the money that you work for.

This really didn't turn into much of a Confederate history lesson did it? But now you can see why it would have been wonderful, at least for southerners, if they had won their independence. Instead of trying to keep out the illegal Mexicans, they would have had to work to keep northerners from trying to sneak into their country to find a better life.

The last thing that needs to be said here is this. " Southerners, a lot of you should be a little more defensive of your monuments, cemeteries, and flag. You have in recent years let the northern carpetbaggers and collaborators living among you steal your flag, desecrate your cemeteries and ignore if not destroy your southern monuments." Did you know that the carvings at Stone Mountain Georgia are not even mentioned on their website? Now there is a disgusting outrage. Did you also know that a lot of your cemeteries will not allow the little Confederate battle flags to be put on graves on Memorial Day? Another thing that YOU should be outraged about. I'm positive your dead ancestors are.

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