21 March 2010


I caught some flak for making fun of Sarah Palin on my podcast. But if there is a human in dire need of being made fun of... it is Sarah Palin. If you are one of the people who think that she is an old school conservative, you are wrong!

Just like every other politician currently in and around Washington D.C. she is an Israel Firster. To get our children to stop being murdered in the Middle East for no apparent reason, we need America Firsters in every position available in congress. We need congress people with enough balls to say to hell with AIPAC and their unlimited money supply.

For Christ's sake, we have a negro president who thinks he is God or John Wayne or possibly Superman! If stuff HE wants won't go through congress he just pushes it through with executive orders! And the pitiful part of it is, is that he is no worse than George Bush, Sarah Palin or John McCain! Look at the freedoms we have given away under the Bush regime. McCain wants the country given to Mexicans and Palin has to write her main concerns on her hand so she knows what her main concerns are! Give me an effin' break. As dumb as I am, I don't have to do that.

You know me. In your opinion I'm a racist, an anti Semite and a homophobe. But that doesn't make me a bad person. That just makes me a person who can see what is going on behind the curtain. As far as my racism goes, I just don't think people who have committed several felonies to get into this country should be allowed to stay here. And I think that if inner city Negroes want to act like animals, then they should be treated as such. I also do not believe in race mixing. My anti-Semitism comes from just talking bad about Israel and Zionist Jews and the atrocities they are performing daily on their Arabian neighbors. I guess that I am a homophobe because I have no use for the sodomites and their disease spreading practices and if they were all to die or just disappear I believe the world would be a better place. So I will take the blame for that one.

If we the people want our country back, we have to start electing people who have no present ties or even recent ties to the traitors who are now at the helm or any of those who have been at the helm in the last sixty years! In other words, we need a g**damn house cleaning! From top to bottom! AIPAC needs to be kicked out on it's ass. After all it is a foreign lobby. Which by the way, happens to be unconstitutional. For those of you who care. I know that no one in congress seems to.

You think this country hasn't gone to hell? When a racist Puerto Rican can be appointed to the Supreme Court with barely a whimper of protest. When a boy toucher named Barney Frank can run a prostitute ring out of his basement and be elected again and again to congress? When the current president might not even have been born in America and it never even had to be proven for him to take office? When the country is bankrupt and still giving money away like a drunken sailor in a brothel? When most of the states are bankrupt and still giving food and services to people who should not even be in this country? Exactly what has to happen before YOU will think that maybe the politicians that you elect are not working for YOU?

I know that I am mostly preaching to the choir on this blog. But when one of you turn on me because you think Sarah Palin is going to be your savior..... I begin to wonder if it is even worth continuing. I come at this stuff from so far askew from the norm that I think that if you don't buy what I am saying, you will at least take the time to do some research on your own and if you start looking under the sugar coating you can't help but figure it out for yourself.

These people are not your representatives. Hell, I don't even know if they even consider themselves Americans anymore. They sure don't act like it. They have sent all of our industry overseas with their killer taxes and goofy regulations and then import workers by the millions to take jobs that aren't even here.

The American taxpayer has been barely treading water for years and they just keep wanting more of his money while they are killing his employer with taxes and regulations. I hope someone besides me wakes up pretty soon because I think that we are about at the end of our rope.

There has not been a President of this country since Andrew Jackson who has upheld and defended the Constitution. It's about time that we finally elected one again. The is not a politician in national politics, and probably a lot of them in state politics, that would not have been hung for high treason as little as a hundred and fifty years ago. Maybe it's time we break out that old hemp and start stretching it out again.

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