07 March 2010


Okay. this underwear bomber is more than a little suspicious. I mean, now "The Negro" gets to extend the Patriot Act, some of which was about to expire. Also now the perverts in government security will get to use their "naked scanner" to look at the girls and boys and get their perverted thrills. Also... the terra hertz rays might unzip your DNA strands. But not to worry, you probably won't know it.

Also. Israel gets to have us in another war for them in Yemen. Yes, kiddies. Any time we (white Christians) go to war against Muslims, It is not for us but for the Jews who are just pitting their two mortal enemies against each other for only their benefit.

So now American children will be in four, that is four Arab countries being murdered for Israel with no advantage for America or her citizens. Let's see.... Afghanistan.... Iraq....... Yeman...... and Iran. But yet Saudi Arabia, where all of the twin tower bombers came from just sits there unmolested. What am I missing in this logic?

Do you know how many wars that America has been in since the Revolutionary War that was beneficial to us? One. I don't know what it was called and I am not going to look it up but it was when Santa Anna got his butt kicked at the Alamo. Now we are letting illegal Beaners just run amok throughout California and Arizona. And they are spreading north with their disease ridden anchor babies with the intent of living for free off of Whitey's generosity.

You are shouting in your head, "What about the Civil War?" Which was actually just Lincoln and his evil minions spitting all over our Constitution and taking away our States' Rights. I know, I know. You have been taught that this oversized, ugly piece of crap was just a wonderful, honest man freeing the slaves of the south. When in reality he was the first, F.D.R., Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, or Barak Obama. Who all just thought and think that our Constitution and Bill of Rights is just something for them to wipe their butts on.

Arabs and Muslims are not sawing American heads off and blowing themselves up because they just can't stand us and our Christianity. They are doing that because we provide Israel with everything they need to butcher these people's families and steal their homelands! They are trying to shock us into waking up and seeing shit as it actually is. Not as the Zionist Jew media paints it. But just as when skinheads or neo Nazis go crazy and do something horrific and the entire white nationalist movement is blamed and the cause is hurt and slowed down because of it. So is the Arab cause every time they do something crazy.

Jews are the aggressors and haters in the Middle East. Not the Arabs. Because if the Arabs don't do something crazy on their own to be blamed for, the Jews will do it for them. Such as the Cole bombing, trying to sink the Liberty, and most recently, their Gaza Massacre.

And now all of the high and mighty Zionist Jew advisors to our Negro president are convincing him that Iran needs to be invaded. Maybe, just maybe Israel needs to be invaded and bombed back into the stone age. It would sure end one hundred percent of the American and Arab problems. A lot of other European problems would be solved by doing this also. I hate to have to say it, but I believe that Russia is on the right side in this argument.

If the Zionist Jews living here in America with their "dual citizenship" that only they are allowed to have, they can get on over to Israel and be on the receiving end of a little of that "shock and awe" that they are always tricking us into giving to the Arabs for no apparent reason.

The Jews, like the Negroes, are a parasitic race with no redeeming value to the rest of the world. The country that they were given by Britain for American Jews coaxing us into World War Two is a manufactured lie. Just like everything else about them. Their only national product is the Holocaust Myth which is also just made up. Just as their actual Jewness. They are, I think it was Carsinians who started calling themselves Jews way back when. They are about as much the "Children of God" as a piece of steaming goat manure on the Asian desert plain.

There. Believe me. Or not. It's no skin off my nose. Check it out if you doubt it. You will be shocked and amazed! I know that this is not a popular view of the world as it is. But when you quit lying to yourselves and quit being lambs just being led to the slaughter, you will see that me, and many like me are and have always been on the RIGHT side of this one.

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