14 March 2010


It has recently been brought to my attention that John Day, Oregon is being brought kicking and squealing like a little girl, out of the squalor that is diversity. John Day has been lucky enough to be selected to be the area where a neo-Nazi organization is going to or already has relocated to.

Of course, the local people that the "Jew News" put on for the nation to view were outraged and dismayed that this is happening. They didn't show the 95% of the residents that are going, "Hip, hip, hooray! For no more diversity!"

There is nothing but upsides to this news for the people of John Day and the surrounding area. First of all, this must be a fairly well organized group to be able to move en masse like this. So it's not just a bunch of crazy skin heads who are out to be disgusting and raise hell to the great delight of the national media so they can be portrayed as a bunch of psychos. With a large group of neo Nazis just being in the area, it will be a great deterrent to Jews, Negroes, and illegal aliens who might be thinking about moving into the area. A huge plus right there. A deterrent to the young men who are inclined to put spikes in their noses and grommets in their ears and wear their caps sideways and walk around like chickens in shorts large enough to clothe a small family. I see no downside there.

With no Jews and Muslims, you can once again have Christmas Plays in your schools. You can have crosses and the Ten Commandments wherever you see fit. You can put Nativity scenes all over town with no on complaining. As it should be. Your children can play outside after dark without the fear of being raped or killed by some queer or third world degenerate. Where is the downside in that?

Any coal burners in town will want to pack up their pets and move back to Portland where they probably came from anyway. Once again, who will even care? Illegal aliens... gone! Back to the Home Depot in The Dalles or Portland. What are you whining about? If you locals were hiring these people to work for you then it is shame on you anyway.

Property values will double and triple with no third worlders turning the place into a cesspool. Queers and child molesters will be gone! Where do you find any reasons to be outraged and complaining? If you are one of these people, maybe you should consider moving to Seattle or Gay Bay so you will feel at home in the disgusting slime that is tolerance and diversity. Because, realistically it is only tolerance if you are not white. Or at least if you hate white people.

If I were lucky enough to be a resident of John Day right now, I would buy me a little Main Street shop and find a supplier of WWII Nazi memorabilia and I would contact Mice Trap Records and fill that place with flags, pins, medals, music, and clothing and I would become a rich fascist pig! Oh, it would be wonderful!

Or if I were a cook, I would open a small diner right there on Main Street. I would call it, "The Jew Stew". It would be hilarious. I would sell Bismark Burgers and Himmler Hot Dogs. Sausages and sauerkraut would always be the special of the day. My French fries would resemble little swastikas. And all of my waitresses would be blue eyed blondes. I'm sorry, folks. I still can't find a downside.

I have been to John Day. In fact, I was there just last summer. I know that the people there have never experienced diversity. Nor should they ever have to. The Founding Fathers never said anywhere in any founding documents that Americans should have to contend with third world people who have no intentions of doing anything except reaping the benefits of living in a white society where they are given free medical treatment, free schooling, free housing while they sell drugs to the local children and rape and rob anyone that they come across who is alone and helpless.

So, John Day. Thank your lucky stars that it is neo Nazis and not Black Panthers or the Rainbow Coalition, or Razda or whatever the big named Mexican gang is. Or a herd of Muslims, whatever you would call that. It is white people moving in. And they are pro white people, they are pro Christian, they are pro work for a living people. They are anti Jew, they are anti black, they are anti queer, they are anti Mexican. So God must be smiling down on you, John Day. Enjoy it and once again, appreciate your good fortune!

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