28 March 2010


I promised you and myself that I was going to quit bitching about these people. But I am finding that in this day and age that is an impossible task for a person of my sensibilities.

Poor old Joe Biden. He is a dummy. You know it and I know it. The only people who might possibly be dumber than him, is of course Obama, and most probably Sarah Palin the undercover Jewess.

But just so you don't become confused as to which of the retards in Washington D.C. that I am referring to and for the purposes of this one article, we will call poor old Joe just, Dummy Joe.

Anyway, Dummy Joe was over in Israel performing public fellatio on every Zionist that he could find. He was bowing down and kissing their little poop holes and agreeing with any idea that they happened to bring up.

Such as murdering American children for them in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon possibly in Iran. All for no reason other than Israel wants it. He slurped it up like any other cum dumpster when they say that they want to rob the American taxpayer of four billion dollars a year. Even though twenty percent of Americans can't get a job because of illegal aliens. No matter though, Israel wants it.

Don't get me wrong. Every politician in Washington D.C. follows the exact same line but they weren't the ones in Israel the other day when Netandyahoo (spelled wrong on purpose) announced to Joe Biden and the world that Israel is going to start building homes and apartments for Jews only on the West Bank. The forbidden zone. Because it is apparent to Israel and the rest of the world that we, the United States, are too spineless to mention anything bad about it. Just as we were about the Gaza Massacre last winter.

I tell you folks. We have to split our one sided partnership with these evil little bastards before they bankrupt us and drag us into a hell that we will not ever be able to pull ourselves out of.

The politicians that we supposedly elect to run America for Americans who all, that is one hundred percent, are Israel Firsters, are not only bankrupting us for Israel while at the same time genociding the whites among us by letting third world nincompoops flood our land and suck up our resources!

The insolence and disrespect they have shown to the United States and Palestine by this event is unbelievable to me. I'm all for the survival of any race but not at the expense of every white and Arab person of the world! This totally parasitic race of humanoids needs to be slapped severely to the ground. As they have been several times throughout the history of the world.

Let's look at some of their atrocities that we have either ignored, overlooked, or forgiven them for. I would say the biggest and most well known is the torture and murder of Jesus Christ. Followed close behind by the Holocaust. Yes. With this fabricated event they turned World War Two into an event that was all about them and their perpetual suffering at the hands of the gentiles.

Then they tried to sink the USS Liberty so we would blame Egypt and go kick the crap out of them. But it didn't work out because of the seamanship of the men aboard the Liberty but there was never a word of protest about it from the good old United States government.

Then when Zionist Jews initiated and led the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and murdered the entire Romanov family and murdered over twenty million Russian men women and children including starving over half of all of the Ukrainians to death. Not a word is ever mentioned of this in movies or the history books. But yet there is a holocaust movie or documentary puked out every few weeks for over sixty years? In fact, one comes out any time people start revealing apathy or disbelief about the whole Holocaust event.

They established the Frankfort school and moved it to New York from Germany at the beginning of World War Two which educates and keeps on track all of their beliefs about how to end up ruling the entire world when they have finally accomplished their New World Order through trickery, usury, having their enemies murder and weaken each other until only they are at the pinnacle of power without ever having to shed a drop of their own blood in this accomplishment.

Anyplace that there might be an easy profit to be had, you will find them leading the way. Take for instance, the slave trade. They have always and still today are the foremost slave traders of the world. Pornography. Once again, established, ran, and promoted by Jews. Banking, has always been dominated by people of the Jew nationality. Media. Both entertainment and news. Almost one hundred percent ran by the Jew.

Crap, they invented psycho analysis so the could convince all of the gentiles that they were nutso! Jews came up with the idea that all races are exactly the same... that is except the Jewish race. It is supposedly superior.

What more do you need to know about this Earthscum before you quit eagerly letting them kill you? Why do you even care about a race who murdered your savior, are responsible for the murders of tens of millions of your children throughout history and consider you to be nothing but animals to be used for their convenience and pleasure?

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