03 February 2010


The other day I watched a documentary. I don't remember where it was or even the name of it. But it was about high school kids in Israel being taken to the concentration camps in Eastern Poland. Evidently it was a lesson for them on why they should hate and feel free to murder any gentile in the world. All for no apparent reason.

Never mind that after WWII there were only 300,000 less Jews in the world than there was before the war started. Since this information is provable with documents found in Russia, Europe and the United States, the only explanation is that if the Germans murdered six million of them, they must have been breeding like the rats that they are all during WWII. And these offspring must have survived the death camps and the war! That is just amazing to me.

Anyway. They took these kids on a tour of Auschwitz. They showed them the shower room where all of those Jews were supposedly gassed to death. Now Zyklon B leaves staining behind that is known as Prussian Blue. And if thousands of Jews had been gassed in this room, it would have been the prettiest blue you have ever seen. There was not even a hint of blue staining anywhere that I could see in the documentary. Also, with a little research, I found out that if you hooked a water supply to the piping in this room, the showers are still completely usable! But the kids on this tour were given none of these facts.

Now that these children have seen where their ancestors were supposedly murdered, let's take them on to the crematorium. Where supposedly hundreds of thousands of Jew bodies were burnt to ashes. It looked like in this room there were eight to ten ovens in a row down the wall. Now. These ovens were built and maintained by a manufacturer named Kopf. Records on the installation and maintenance of these ovens are almost complete in the Russian archives.

These ovens are fired on coal. They are designed to burn one body at a time which takes two and a half to four hours. Depending on the body, the humidity and the coal used. Also, it takes time to heat them up. If you were to load them up with more than one body, then the air doesn't circulate like it should and the time to cremate is extended accordingly. Every two hundred hours of use, the fire brick and clay in these ovens has to be completely replaced to keep them working with top efficiency. Which takes the better part of a week to do allowing time for the new clay to cure or it will just explode when the oven is heated. Guess what? There are not many records of these ovens being rebuilt very often.

Then these kids are shown piles of hair and clothing and eye glasses and teeth. All of which were allegedly left there by the fleeing Germans. But there are photos of these locations taken when the camp was liberated and..... walaa! These piles of things are invisible in these photographs!

But this little outing had the desired effect on the children. Now when interviewed, they are crying and of the opinion that every German alive today should be executed. And also any descendants of anyone else on the planet who stood by and let this supposed atrocity happen. That would be almost everyone on the planet. Even a few Jews would have to be included.

So.... all I can say is, "Thank you, Israel. For introducing your children to the fantasies manufactured in your own feverish brains and perpetuating a most outrageous lie so you can continue sucking up the world's riches for an event that your ancestors fabricated to get the world to give you Palestine. Good luck on keeping this fabrication going much longer."

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