21 February 2010


I am going to get a little personal this week because I was listening to a speech by one of the founders of the American Third Party and it pissed me off. Just as everything does that doesn't run exactly like a Swiss watch.

Now for those of you who haven't heard of the American Third Party or the 3AP as it is more commonly known, it is a budding political attempt to get away from the leftist, Jew controlled Republican and Democrat parties. A hell of a wonderful idea that if it is accomplished right should be supported by one hundred percent of white Americans. Well... except for the cross breeders and queers. It's platform is about controlled immigration, getting rid of illegal aliens, doing something about this anchor baby syndrome and bringing back Christmas, Easter and other European values that this country was built on.

All good things, right? But this a-hole that I was listening to started faulting the founding fathers for owning slaves and bragging that his poor, poor, pitiful ancestors were to poor to own slaves so evidently he and his was above this little foopah. I don't care whether your ancestors owned slaves or not it is part of this country's history. So get over yourself asshole!

So that is why this is going to be a personal blog about my own ancestry. Because my ancestors did own slaves and according to their wills, those slaves and all of their progeny were left to this ancestor's sons and daughters and all of their progeny. I am assuming here that progeny means descendants. I was too lazy to actually look it up. So that means that I probably own thousands of black people out there. And since they are mine and I really don't need them, I say put them in gunny sacks with a rock and throw them in the Potomac. Calm down, calm down. I was only jokin'. NOT!

You've heard it said, I'm sure, that this country was built on the backs of Negroes. And you should also know that that is a damn lie! If you built ANYTHING on the backs of Negroes it would look like Haiti or Africa. And unless you go to New Orleans or Detroit you just don't see that kind of thing.

I've heard white people brag about being part Indian. Well, guess what? You are no longer a white person. You are now a Mexican. A mutt that results from a white person breeding with an Indian. So while your poor old Granddaddy was out plowing the fields, your Grandmother was sneaking around letting the Indians plow her! That IS something to be proud of.

I don't think I've ever heard of a person who appears white ever bragging that they had Negro ancestry. In fact, I've seen some folks that look a little iffy claiming NOT to have any Negroes in their background.

Let's get back to the subject at hand, which started out to be my own ancestors. As I have already stated, my many greats Grandfather did own slaves. In fact, I have a document where he traveled from Virginia to New York and bought two field hands for seven hundred dollars EACH! This was in 1761. Do you know how much money that was in 1761? Neither do I but it was a hell of a bunch. And he bought them from a fat Jew named Goldstein. His words, not mine.

But if you think that I am going to feel sad about slavery and the present plight of the AIDS ridden darkies of the world. Well... you just have another think coming. I already explained how to take care of the ones that my ancestors are responsible for.

I have lost ancestors and relatives in every war this country has ever been involved in. Starting with the Revolutionary War. I lost people on both sides in the Northern War of Aggression. But thankfully they were ten to one on the right side (the Confederacy). I lost people in both World Wars, in Korea and Vietnam. And even in the present and recent wars for Israel trying to stamp out Arabs and Muslims. Because Jews give gold to our politicians and evidently the oil that the Arabs have is not as good as that.

So now you can see why I feel like I do. Since there is absolutely no interspecies breeding in my ancestry, I see no reason for it in anyone else's. If the Jews in Israel are wonderful for keeping their satanic race pure and clean and only Jewish. I think that the white race should have that same option. As should the black race, the yellow race, the brown race and the red race. Sorry Mexicans. You are just a mutt race and so you will have to remain until the end of time, I guess.

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