14 February 2010


Every year in February I try to enlighten you on a little Negro history. Last year, before the Jew puppets in our government passed their hate speech law to protect their Jew masters from the truth being spoken about them.... Yes, folks. Now... in the United States of America.... you have to fear the things you write about and say. In this, supposedly OUR land of freedoms. You can now be jailed for what you believe! I wrote four very funny and abusive dedications to the animals that we know as "The Negro". The reviews were both encouraging and hateful. Depending on the reviewer's IQ and skin color.

So, this year you are going to get only one week about "The Negro" and it can't be nearly as humorous as last year's was. Before we got our Kenyan El Presidente. This also won't be so much about darkie history (since actually they have none) as it will be about darkie aptitudes, you know, stuff that they excel at. Like copying a bird nest then turning it upside down so they can live in it. Stuff like that.

Now the boars, some people call them bucks but since the females are known as sows, I would think that the males are probably more accurately to be called boars. That really better describes the way that they act and smell anyway. I would think that the boars' top skill would be rape. This is because there is probably not a boar alive, or dead for that matter that hasn't raped something in it's life. And they do rape anything with a hole. And if the hole isn't quite large enough, they will just take a razor blade and enlarge it until it is usable. They rape women, men, children, babies, and very recently three of them were arrested for raping a dog! We can not even imagine the shame and disgust of that poor dog. They are also known for raping really old senior citizens when they are robbing them. It is just a little bonus for the darkie to enjoy and brag to his bro boars about.

That is the only skill set that is peculiar to the boar of the species. The rest of these are common to both the boars and sows and even the little niglets. Probably their next top skill is home invasions and muggings. This is how over ninety percent of them get money for their drugs and bling. Oh. I forgot to mention this. Bling is something shiny that they hang on themselves so they are more noticeable to each other and also the mating sows. If they don't have this bling on they can be pretty much mixed up with a shit stain or black mold.

Probably their next top skill would be murder. Usually when they are raping or stealing it almost always ends with torture and murder. This is apparently just a hobby for them that comes from their parasitic existence among humans. Remember reading about the black plague and how it killed almost half of the world's population as it spread across the land? Well, it's happening again as it pours out of Africa and Haiti to every civilized country of the earth. Destroying and killing everything in it's path.

Another thing that "The Negro" is really good at is sitting very still and looking pitiful. And since they can't look pitiful with their bling on they take it off and hide it until they are done looking pitiful. Looking pitiful is another way they get free stuff from humans and since they don't have their bling on the flies mistake them for a shit stain just as I stated earlier and crawl all over them, making the effect work even better.

Probably, their largest and only contribution to the world is AIDS. Another, less appreciated contribution would be UGLY. Since they share disgusting and stinky with other animals, I just can't credit them alone for those.

So.... there you have it. "The Negro" and all of it's wonderful traits and contributions. I didn't furnish this material. They did. So don't be blaming me because I wrote it down for your perusal. I am just the messenger.

Get on the internet and find a song by Johnny Rebel called the 'Coon Shootin' Boogie', put it on your car stereo and roll through nigger town with your windows down and your stereo turned up full blast and let "The Negro" enjoy some real music for a change!

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