31 January 2010


When I started writing this particular edition of my blog, Rush Limbaugh had just been admitted to the hospital. You guys won't read this for a few weeks because I write about whatever I run across on my travels around the web looking for stuff for my podcast. Which is kind of like a history or news show from the stuff that is out there for anyone to find. I just bring it to one place and then lace it with a few songs for your enjoyment and education.

As you may or may not know, I don't listen to any news shows on TV or the radio. I don't give a crap about any Jew approved news which is all that is. Yes, kiddies, even FOX news is ran by the Jews. They just mix it up a little more hoping you will think that it is the real news of the world and suck it up. But I do watch news clips that people post on Youtube and their blogs and then do a little research and try to come up with an idea of what really happened.

But let's get back to the subject at hand. This is something that aggravates me almost as much as politicians, hippies and communists. Which is all the same thing, by the way. I used to listen to Rush. Also Sean Hannity. That was before I started writing this blog and looking into things for myself. Boy, did I ever get my eyes opened up!

On what people claim to be the right, or the extreme right if you are a democrat. You have Rush and Sean and also FOX news. but let's take a little trip down memory lane. Remember a little over a year ago now when we had a Kenyon Negro and an old war hero who wants to legalize every illegal Mexican who can sneak into America? And that was OUR choices to vote for, for a person to lead America? Well, these three right wingers jumped right on the bandwagon of good ole McCain who's only difference from Obama is that he was born in America and he is a real American, even if he does want to give it to the illegal Mexicans.

Then, on the other supposed side of the fence you have almost every other news outlet in the world and people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and all of the self-important movie people. And each side is blaming the other for everything that they all must have a hand in or it wouldn't be getting done because I sure don't hear any productive American people wanting anything that all of these assholes are doing to us daily.

So no matter what happens that the American people are almost one hundred percent against, this side blames that side and that side blames this side and not a damn one of them mentions the hippopotamus in the room. That would be that neither side can do anything unless their Jew masters that give them money and get them elected say they can do. If they would have balls enough to do anything on their own they would be out on their head so fast that they wouldn't know what happened.

You think I'm full of it? Look at Mel Gibson, Look at Richard Nixon, look at Ron Paul, look at how the Klan is demonized and how the ADL is worshipped. Jews are spearheading every bad thing in this country just to break it apart. Such as queerness, interspecies marriage, abortion, opening our borders to illegal third world immigration. Them and their news outlets give us our choices of who we get to vote for in all elections. They put up whoever will be good for Israel and we don't even get a shot at someone who might put America first.

Don't believe me again? Look at all of the high powered appointees, no matter who is president. Almost a hundred percent Zionist Jews! They are less than three percent of our population yet they make up over eighty percent of cabinet appointees? You think that is just a coincidence? How stupid are you?

I am not even going to mention their biggest sham that they perpetrate against the world on a daily basis. Or how American children are being murdered in the Middle East for no apparent American reason. I also won't complain about their control of the dollar and the Federal Reserve this time around. Or the five billion a year that is just given to Israel. Nor will I mention the fact that Arabs and Muslims don't hate us because we are big, fat, greedy perverts. But because we always have to side with Israel against them no matter what atrocity Israel is perpetrating against them at the time. Just like most recently the Gaza Massacre.

I got a little windy on this one, these are things that need to be stated on an hourly basis and it is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. In the last sixty to one hundred years, I would put the score at Jews: 386. Americans: 0. Think about it. Look it up. That's all I'm asking.

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