24 January 2010


We have a stale dog turd out in the Caribbean that got shook around and the parasites on it got jiggled a little. So..... what? Who should care? I am told that it is a horrible event and I should be just beside myself with grief because there are less parasites in a world that is already overrun with them. Once again I ask, "Why"?

America, minus me, is bragging that with the American taxpayer's money, a group that is already bankrupt for the foreseeable future, is going to be spent there to refurbish a dog turd and the parasitic life form dwelling on it better than ever! Once again I say, "Who cares?" You will still just have a dog turd with fat, healthy multiplying parasites that is still of no worldly value. So what will you have gained at the bankrupt American taxpayer's expense?

One thing will be more debt for the American taxpayer. Another will be more living AIDS spreaders needing pity and American dollars to make them comfortable while they continue spreading their disease until they still end up dead anyway. More excuses for black, disease ridden refugees to come to the US proper to spread their diseases and rob, rape and kill until they eventually end up in our already overcrowded prisons and graveyards.

More illiterate layabouts to complain that once black people were enslaved on this continent and everyone that is white should feel guilty and give them free stuff for no apparent reason. And white people shouldn't complain because their children have to be dumbed down to the level of a tadpole so the pikininnies can compete with them.

We have the Mexicans invading from the south and the darkies from the east and the Jews sitting around with their fat bags of Jew gold cheering it all on and I am supposed to feel sympathy for any one of these atrocious breeds of people trying to genocide me and mine? I think not.

How many times do we have to stab ourselves in the eye with an ice pick before we wake up and take notice of what is trying to be done to us? I for one love white people. I love associating with and living among white people. I have no need or desire for ANY diversity. I need no darkies, no Mexicans, no Jews, no queers, and no Muslims to make my life more wonderful. In fact, having them in my area is kind of like having the most horrible case of jock itch that you could ever imagine.

I do not need our sons and daughters dying for Jews in the Middle East. I do not need to export our industry so white Americans are starving so that Mexicans, Japs, Chinamen and East Indians can work. I don't need to recycle or drive an electric care to stop global warming when the oranges in south Florida are covered with ice.

I don't need my second amendment rights taken away so that those parasitic criminals from that refurbished dog turd in the Caribbean feel free to break into my house and rob me. I don't need my first amendment trampled on so those Jews in the SPLC and the ADL are free to spew their hatred and lies about the goyem unabated with no recourse for us to answer them without it becoming "hate speech".

You probably think that I got off track here, but I didn't. It is all just different legs of the same creature. And if you happen to be a white, taxpaying American, none of it is good for you or yours.

I don't care how much you primp and improve on a dog turd.... it is still just a refurbished dog turd and in a very few years it will be right back to where it was before the turd shaking happened. The only difference will be is that there will be a lot more parasites on it to feel sorry for. Doesn't anyone remember that old saying that, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"?

So good luck on improving your dog turd. But no matter how much time and money you end up spending to improve it. You will still just have a parasite infested, refurbished, dog turd.

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