10 January 2010


It has been brought to my attention recently that maybe I am a bad American since I no longer swallow the Jew pill of the Holocaust or the blamelessness of the United States in their atrocities against the German people after World War Two. Nor do I any longer believe that the north was the right side to be on during the Northern War of Aggression. I also don't believe that we should be over in the Middle East killing Arabs for Israel.

 Am I a bad American because I also do not think that a Negro from Kenya should be President of the United States? I guess that I am also a bad American because I don't believe that the American taxpayer should have to support all of the non-working, sickly deadbeats who should actually just be under a bridge somewhere just dying.

 I guess also that I am a bad American because I don't think queers should even suck air let alone be able to marry each other and adopt children. Does it also make me a worse American because I don't want to live among or even associate with Negroes and Illegal Mexicans?

 Am I a bad American because I think that the White House should be decorated with a Christmas Tree and a Nativity scene instead of the world's largest menorah? Am I no longer a good American because I believe that the politicians in Washington should be doing what is right for America and Americans instead of just taking care of what is good for Israel so that they will be getting Jew gold for putting Israel first?

 So.... by you sitting there trembling like a little old wash woman while you suck up the Jew news from your favorite news source, be it FOX or CNN it makes little difference, you are the wonderful patriotic American because you either don't have the balls or the stomach to make any waves? You are the REAL American because you think that American sons and daughters should be over in the Middle East being murdered by Arabs for the betterment of Israel.

 You are the good old "red, white and blue" American because you truly believe that the Holocaust is a real event and America and her Allies never did a bad thing in WWII? You are the most wonderful American because you still think of the Civil War as being fought only to free the Negroes from slavery? And once again not one atrocity was committed by the Union against the South? either during or after the war.

 I understand that what I write here is just the opinion that I have come up with from my own life experiences and what I have read and who I choose to believe. So if that has made me less of a loyal American than you are as you are sitting there shaking under your blanket of make believe security as you wait for the leaders that you fear and obey unquestioningly to come for you, so be it.

 I will be trying everything that I legally can do with the resources that I have available to me to at least stall or maybe even prevent their endgame while you sit there and study their manifesto so that you won't screw up and break any of their rules and hope that they won't notice you as you sit there trembling in the shadows. Good luck on that, comrade!

You are the "good" American because you believe that "freedom of speech" is meant for you but people like me should be stifled and kept quiet? You are a better American than me because you think that the second amendment should be totally abolished while I think that every American household should have at least one sidearm in it.

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