17 January 2010


You bed wetters out there really take the cake! Let's just look at some facts about darkies in general and darkies in Haiti in particular. First, they are a useless blight on this planet. Name ONE thing that they are good for. Anyplace.... any time. Just one. Are you thinking? Have you thought of something? I thought not.

I know, I know. There are a few, damn few, that have risen above the rest. But I bet if you did a little check on their genealogy, that you will find a little whitey in there. That's just because there are a few white women out there that are into bestiality and don't want to get caught having sex with the family dog or the neighbor's pony. So that was their next choice. In other words, they are accidents or freaks of nature. However you want to look at it.

The island of Haiti is covered with darkies. In case you hadn't noticed. Also, for a little extra information. It could be one of the richest, most productive islands in the Caribbean. If it was populated with real humans like white people. You think not? It has some of the richest farm land and nicest climate this side of Africa. It could be a tourist's paradise instead of a place where tourists go to get mugged, raped and sometimes murdered. It could be growing enough sugar cane to furnish the east coast of the United States with sugar. If it was populated with something besides darkies.

Still aren't buying it? Well.... just let me give you an example. I've been waiting for years to have an excuse to point this out. Let's just compare Haiti to Iceland. About the same size. But Iceland can't grow shit. Unless it would be an onion or a radish. It is covered with volcanoes. The people who call it home can only live on the coast. You aren't going to be able to lay in the sun and beg for someone else to support you there. You won't go there and see people out on the beach breeding like Borneo monkeys.

But yet, the Nordic folks living on this frozen hell of an island never beg the world for handouts. They don't lay around looking pitiful so someone will feel sorry and feed and clothe them. No. They took all of that damn useless volcano juice and piped in into their homes and businesses so everyone has free heat! They built turbines that could be turned with steam so everyone has electricity! And since their island can grow nothing except a hell of a tough breed of people, they looked to the ocean to earn their living. And, on top of all of that, the ocean is not real user friendly up there!

Now. Let's look at these poor, poor, fly ridden darkies that you feel so sorry for. When England gave Haiti back to them it was in wonderful shape. It had fancy resorts for tourists and cane fields that made them rich beyond their wildest dreams. So what did these unsupervised darkies do with their newly acquired windfall? The plumbing quit working with no maintenance so they had to rob, rape and murder the few tourists who were still foolish enough to go there. The jungle reclaimed the cane fields and resorts. So what did these oh so wonderful and useful darkies do? Found chunks of tin and sticks and made themselves some little huts or else lived in the abandoned buildings until they fell down from wind, rain, earthquakes and abuse.

Then. They sit around and let the flies crawl on them and look pitiful so someone will give them free stuff so they can continue living, breeding and making more niglets for stupid people to feel sorry for and support.

Like I said at the beginning. Just a blight. Like the boll weevil, or the cockroach, or the bedbug, or locusts, or the bubonic plague. There is no other way to explain the total uselessness of this race of people. And no. I'm not a racist. I am just a person who looks at things realistically.

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Anonymous said...

You're a hateful bastard. fuck this country.