03 January 2010


A Negro that was elected president by bed-wetting retards and Negro layabouts put the American taxpayers in debt to the tune of three trillion that's TRILLION! dollars. When you are a Negro and become nigger rich that is what you do; spend other people's money that even they don't have and won't even be able to pay back for at least five generations.

 Him and his unAmerican, Negro family have been globe-hopping for the entire year at a cost of three million dollars a day to the American taxpayer and that is not even part of the three trillion. He has managed to insult the police, the military, middle America, white America and all of the people of the world that are of European descent.

 At the same time he has been kneeling and slurping on the rectums of; the Jews, the Arabs, the East Indians, the Chinese, the Africans and the Mexicans. apologizing to them for everything that America stands for and promising them billions in American taxpayer money. That brown around his lips is not melanin, it is a big old stain.

 Meanwhile, for the people who were stupid enough to elect him, he is giving them; an unpayable debt, unwanted and unaffordable healthcare, twenty-two million illegal Mexicans with thousands more pouring across the border daily. Plus AIDS ridden immigrants from Africa, starving east Indians and lots of unaccountable czars.
 And if that isn't enough, he is going to keep sending your sons and daughters to be murdered in the wars for Israel so the Muslims will hate us even more than they do now if that is possible.

 Our Jew masters won't let us have a Christmas tree at the White House, but the largest menorah in the world is lit there instead. White American Christians have been denigrated to the position of possible rabble rousers and terrorists in our own country. We are ordered to keep silent so we do not offend all of the really important hodge-podge of races that have been deemed the cream of our modern atheistic society.

 America, as it was meant to be is on her knees before the world court. Not because we deserve it but because the people that the Jews have given us for leaders have put us there. Bankrupt, with our pockets inside-out. Staring at the ground, not in prayer but in subjugation. Full of shame and self-loathing, not for anything we are actually responsible for, but for things that we have been told and taught in the public schools and from the main stream media that we should feel responsibility for.
 We didn't get here because we are weak. We got here because we are trusting and basically honest and expect that everyone else is also. And boy... are we ever wrong! The the third world under the coaching of our Jewish controlled leaders are using what we thought were our virtues to put an end to our race. That's it. Genocide. Through interracial breeding and keeping us broke and struggling to survive so we don't pay any attention to our coming demise. Once you mix white with ANY other color..... the white is gone forever.

 I have nothing against Negroes. I just think that it would be better for everyone concerned if Negroes all lived or died in their home continent of Africa. I also think that any dedicated coal burners could go with them. And also all of their mulatto descendants.

 I have nothing against Mexicans. But once again, I believe that they would all be happier south of the Rio Grande. They hate white people and don't want to speak English so I can't really think that they are comfortable this far north. They should feel free to take all of their anchor babies and sympathizing Judeo Christian pastors with them also.

 Now, the Jews. I really can't say that I am cool with them. They have no home to go to, unless you think they belong in the land that they are stealing from Palestine. They are sneaky and traitorous and conniving and totally untrustworthy. Antarctica has no native peoples so they could take up residence there. That way they wouldn't need their dual citizenship, they wouldn't be massacring Palestinians daily. And American sons and daughters wouldn't have to be in the Middle East dying and killing Arabs for Israel. And maybe our politicians would refrain from going down there to suck Jewballs for money like the common whores they are.

It's just an excellent idea so that maybe we could have our country back as it was meant to be by our founding fathers. we could once again have Christmas carols and plays in schools. Our kids wouldn't have to grow up thinking that they should associate with Negroes and tolerate queers and learn to talk Mexican. It would be...... oh so wonderful!

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