13 December 2009


I have used this blog to entertain you. That is until your government passed hate speech laws to protect the sodomites, Jews, and Negroes and once again spit on our Constitution and it's First Amendment. So then I had to tone it down and so it became a platform for me to just seriously go after the people that I think are responsible for the collapse of the greatest nation this world has ever witnessed. See above.

I have went after the evolutionists, and the Holocaust. If you don't know why, I will tell you now. Any time that a group of people create evidence time and again or totally deny any investigation into the evidence that is abundantly available, it just leads me to believe that they either have nothing to prove their theory.... and that is all evolution is, a theory. Or, in the case of the Holocaust they know that investigation will expose one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on the face of the earth.

There have been more Jews caught lying about their involvement in the Holocaust than there have been politicians saying that they were veterans of the Vietnam War and it ended up that they were not. At least with evolution, if you put a baby gorilla and a baby Negro in a sack and shook them up and dumped them out you would be hard pressed to tell them apart. As far as that goes you could do that with a chimpanzee and the President's wife with the same result.

Now I know that you atheists and agnostics out there are just lunging at the bit and saying, "What the hell about religion?" Well, let me tell you. Whether you personally have a God or not, religion has always been consistent. The people of the world come at it a thousand different ways but every one of them has the same result and always has. Christians have always believed that if you do this and this and this and live a good life you will go to heaven or it will come to you. We all know the basic Muslim belief. It has been pounded into our heads for the last ten years about how that it is a religion of love. Yeah, right. And by the way, Muslims hate Christians. Now the Jews don't even believe in a heaven of any kind. That is why that they can lie, cheat, steal and kill all that they want to here on earth. Because being Jews, they have nothing to answer for. And... they also hate Christians.

That is why it is so damn funny to me when a modern church or religion states that it is Judeo Christian. Because that means that it is Jew approved Christianity. With them hating Christianity, is it any wonder that the Judeo Christian religion rushes to approve sodomy and sodomites and interracial relationships and marriages? Which, by the way, both are totally condemned in the Bible.

Now. I went there to get here. My Mom. Some of you that read this knew my Mom and you would immediately say that she was not religious. But you are wrong. Although you would never have noticed it by looking, but her family was quite religious. I don't know that any of them ever seen the inside of a church after they grew up until they were dead, but they were believers. All of them. Anyway, my Mom had a saying and I'm not sure of the exact wording anymore but it was something like this. Whenever she would hear about queers or interracial relationships, her comment was; "God only guarantees you two things when you are born. Your sex, male or female. And your race, white, black, brown or whatever." And she didn't believe that maybe you should just disregard the ONLY things that God guaranteed you to have in this life that he gave you.

There. My sermon is over. Do with it what you will. I personally have always believed in religion because if you don't..... and you are wrong..... what a hell of a price you are going to pay. I have never been a big fan of organized religion because I never thought that you should have to pay money for your enlightenment and I never agreed with their endorsement of sodomites and Negro/white relationships.

There you have it. Whether you agree with me or not, it is the truth as I see it. I just ran across that Judeo Christian crap and when I understood what it was, it just pissed me off. That's all. I will burn in hell before I willingly do anything that has to be Jew approved. Just sayin'...........

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