27 December 2009


Talk about a group of people that is impossible (at least for me) to comprehend, it is these people. I grew up in the sixties and I had and still have a natural, unreasoning hatred for hippies and everything that they stood for. At the time I didn't know that they were Communists or liberals. Which is the same thing, by the way.

Even back then, just as today, I could not and can not comprehend the free lunch theory. Just like when I try to think about the endlessness of space and it hurts my brain. Trying to understand the mindset of the free lunch is beyond my capability of understanding. It just does not exist. Your free lunch is costing someone, somewhere. In this same vein, wanting to give more of your very own earned income to the government so they can give it to themselves and someone else is just totally beyond my comprehension. I don't care how rich you are, why would you want to do that? It is YOUR money. You earned it, one way or another. IT IS YOURS!

It is impossible to bring people out of squalor by giving them other people's property. It has never worked in the past and it will never work in the time to come. A prime example is Ethiopia. Let's look at the little, black, fly-ridden, stick people there. Their only entertainment is breeding. Just like Borneo monkeys. But if they are hungry, they have to go to try and find some food. Thus, no new kids to starve. But then here comes a ton of food from the bleeding heart bed-wetters of the world and lo! Their little pot bellies are full so guess what they now have the time and energy to do? You got it. They just start humping and creating more fly-ridden children that either have to starve or be fed by someone other than themselves. So what did that ton of food accomplish?......... Nothing but more starving Ethiopians.

I mean... come on, folks. This isn't rocket science. The more that you give to a freeloader the more the freeloader will expect to receive from you. And he will become pissed off and claim he is being abused if you quit supporting him. Where is the good or the accomplishment in that? Remember that tsunami thing? Billions of free dollars only brought complaints that it wasn't enough. The same thing with the Katrina people. Two thousand dollar FREE debit cards should have been ten thousand dollars. According to the people who received them.

Do liberals (Communists) just support this kind of crap because it makes them feel better about themselves? What are they doing in their private lives that they have to make up for? Screwing goats? Eating their aborted fetuses? Playing red rocket on their dog? What are they guilty of that makes them think that giving other people's money to the useless dregs of humanity will erase all of that guilt?

Let me give you an example that even the dumbest bed-wetter out there should be able to understand. This is going to be kind of graphic so you might want to skip this paragraph so you don't get your little feelings hurt. Say that you just took a big old crap and now you have to remove the residue to complete the job. Your choice is two-ply or a hundred dollar bill. Are you liberals (Communists) dumb enough to think that if you use the hundred dollar bill instead of the two-ply that you will never have to clean the residue again because you spent a lot of money doing it this time? Even you cannot be that dumb! It works exactly the same as when you throw money at the wastrels of the world. They always just want you to give them more and it will never heal the problem.

See..... My world is black and white. Period. There are problems. There are solutions. There is good. There is evil. There is truth and there are lies. It is so damn simple that my retarded fish frog can understand it. If you are not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem. See. Isn't that easy? Your mindset is either good or it is evil. It is never both at the same time. You can't do something evil and have it turn out good. Take note of this all of you damn politicians. And, lastly, you are either telling the truth or you are lying. What about this is so hard to understand?

I think that liberals (Communists) only think in shades of gray. A little good and a little bad. A lie but with extenuating circumstances. This might possibly help fix the problem. Nothing is definite with them. They are always changing their core beliefs to fit whatever is popular among their associates of the moment. They are like boogers in your nose that adjust to whatever position they are stuck in.

You might not agree with my philosophy, but I don't see how you can argue with the logic of it. Maybe this will help you understand my unreasoning loathing of hippies, liberals, and Communists. All three terms are a hundred percent interchangeable in my world. This is just one of those east is east and west is west deals.

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