06 December 2009


If you are one of the people that also frequents my other blog, a while back I posted one that was about that exact saying. What it boiled down to is if you are white you are a racist. No other people on this planet have an iota of any racist tendencies. Going hand in hand with being a racist is being an anti-Semite. You can accomplish this by just thinking anything bad about ANY Jew or Israel. So it is also mostly an Aryan thing to be an anti-Semite. And, of course, last but not least is the homophobe. I think that these are also mostly Aryan. I'm not sure about this one, but all of the homophobes that I have known have been white people. But that is who I choose to associate with so how would I know any other color of homophobe?

The word "homophobe" has always brought a smile to my face. Especially ever since those guys hung that queer on that barbed wire fence for stiffing them on a drug deal and they instantly became queer haters and thus they were instant homophobes. Just because it happened to be a fag that wouldn't pay them for their dope so they made a lesson of him not because of that but because they were terrified that they were turning into sodomites! If that doesn't make you smile, nothing will.

It's just as easy to become an anti-Semite. If you think, as I do, that Palestine should never have been forced into slavery so Jews could have a home in the Middle East, you and I are instant anti-Semites. Just for THINKING this. If you think, as I do, that American sons and daughters shouldn't be over there fighting and dying for the Jews in the Jew wars against all of her neighbors.... you are an anti-Semite. If you think that maybe Jew banks and Israel shouldn't be in control of ninety-five percent of the world's monetary system through their control of our Federal Reserve.... once again. you are an instant anti-Semite.

See how easy this is? Your only requirement is that your skin must be white and your ancestry Aryan and walaa! You are in this club of homophobes, anti-Semites and racists. Now what I personally think is happening, and I have a lot of company in this..... is nothing short of genocide of the white race. Once the public school system gets a hold of the little white kids at the age of three now, it is pounded into their little heads until they are totally ashamed that they are white.

They are taught that interbreeding with Negroes, Mexicans, Arabs is what they should be doing to erase the white genes off of the face of the earth. However. Isn't it strange that all of this interbreeding doesn't include Jews? Hmmmm. Every white nation is being flooded with blacks and browns because diversity makes them stronger. But wait! If that is true, why aren't we flooding, China, Japan, Israel and Africa with white people so that they can also become better and stronger through diversity? Why do only white countries get all of the benefits of diversity and no one else does?

Look at our southern border and our inner cities and you can see the wonderful accomplishments of diversity. Look at the output of our public school system and praise how diversity has improved it in the last sixty years. Look at our government and especially our presidency and see how diversity has improved that in the last two hundred years.

If Aryans are so disgusting, self-centered and hateful, why does every other race do everything in it's power, either legally or not to come and live where we live? You don't see us traipsing to their countries and bothering them. You don't see us asking their tax payers to support our way of life. When we have a catastrophe, you don't see us expecting money or help from them.

And if they do happen to succeed in their genocide of the white race, what will they do then? Who will feed and house them? Who will cure their horrific diseases and come up with the ways to improve their lives? The rest of the world will just decline until it is the same as sub Saharan Africa and there will be no one to bring it back again. You talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

The main trouble with liberalism (communism) is that eventually you run out of people to take money from.

I hope that you understand it now. That I am a racist just in your opinion. When actually I am kind of like an animal rights person trying to save the white race from extinction. You should really be helping me with this because in the end it is your ass too. do you actually want your great grand children to be little, retarded brown people? I should think not!

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L said...

I wanted to say very good blog Randall! I am enjoying it

"the pursuit of equality is the destruction of excellence" - David Lane