15 November 2009


This is another group of people that I truly don't understand. It is mostly young people who must be seriously retarded and probably have to ride the "special bus" to school. Why anyone would want to emulate the only biped who is hopefully evolving into becoming feces eating monkeys is beyond anything that I can wrap my brain around.

It starts, I think, when their head becomes so warped with retardedness that their hat will only fit if they put it on sideways. Then they start walking around with their heads bobbing back and forth kind of like a spastic chicken. I think that the next step in this downhill slide is when you notice them talking really loud and adding a lot of noises between the intelligible words and they no longer seem to be able to comprehend the English language.

If you happen to be the parent, or even the distant relative of one of these embarrassing derelicts, I am very sorry for you. You are probably thinking to yourself that there goes a load that should have been shot onto it's Mom's belly or even the wall of a dirty rest stop bathroom. It also is a hell of an argument for the support of abortion.

If it is a male child that you are losing to this disgusting phenomena, and these are usually the ones that it most often happens to because if you have a daughter that is so inclined, she just becomes a coal burner which is even more revolting for everyone she happened to be related to before you hopefully disowned her. Since the female she-boons are so disgusting, even when they are young that normally a white male, even one who is turning into a wigger, does not have the stomach for this kind of bestiality. But it doesn't seem to bother the white girls so much. It might be because they are born retarded or without any self esteem. You would probably really rather see her getting it on with the family pet.

So, anyway, the next step in your ex son's descent into idiocy will be when he starts to wear these huge silk shorts. He will call them shorts but they are as long as his legs and huge. I do mean huge. He will no longer have the energy to pull them clear up, either. The waist will have to go around under his butt cheeks. This might be because that the bipeds that he is copying have these really long arms like a baboon so that this is as high as those evolving monkey arms can go to pull the shorts up.

As his voluntary descent into de evolution continues, he will apparently contract rheumatoid arthritis in his hands. Because when he is spewing out noise that is now what he considers speech, all of his fingers, except the ring finger of each hand will be standing straight out and spread apart like chicken claws. His arms will be continually making motions as if he is dog paddling through invisible water. Also, he will be bouncing his body up and down like he is just about ready to pee his giant shorts and can no longer hold it in.

Next, will be grommets in his ears. I think that he needs these because when the wind is blowing, these grommets somehow keeps it from whistling through his empty head. I can think of no other reason for them. Then he might get a chrome bone drove through the bottom of his nose and put maybe a dozen or so conchos in his eyebrows. Also a big, dangly earring thing in his tongue to help his speech become even more garbled and unintelligible.

Now if you haven't already evicted this thing from your basement, you can plan on it being down there the rest of your life. Because of the way it has made itself look and act, it is no longer employable, by anyone. And in spite of all the things that it has done to itself to make it appear more ape-like, it is still the wrong color to get on any government programs so it can live its life out on the money stolen from the producers of this country.

So there you have it. If you can find anything to be proud of in there, I am wondering about the stability of your sanity and you should be worried about it too.

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L said...

I am 17 but I still remember when the first wiggers started appearing in the countryside all across america. Mind you the worst kind of wiggers were created here and they were not the type of wiggers that lived surrounded by niggers in the ghetto and then mimiced them, which may be their excuse. No, the first wiggers in the "countryside" were purely imitating rappers on MTV. There have been Beastie boys around since the 80s but there were no White people who could be visibly seen as wiggers until the gangster rap era when their dress really reflected their retarded taste in jigaboo music. In the mid-late 90's wiggers were seen as rejects in the culture of high school kids in farm towns and even rich suburbs. However, the jews got the best of the white kids soon enough. In the early 2000's it became no longer the norm to have sane reactions towards wiggers, which would be shunning them. And it has got worse every year, after time goes by, kids watch it more and more. Every year I see more nigger fashions being adopted by normal kids. For example, they moved on from normal looking ball caps to those nigger style ones that have flat bills and are non-adjustable. And the thing is, those kids who dress that way do not consider themselves wiggers, as the nigger styles from a few years ago are becoming the "normal white" styles of today. The "normal whites" of today are just wiggers who cant even keep up with nigger fashion, like the true wiggers are doing.