08 November 2009


Are you beginning to understand that this high yellow Negro and his ZOG will do anything to take over the health care system. Just like the Jews do with their holocaust story. All of his key appointees, being Zionist Jews, are coaching him on how to sell you a bill of goods called the Swine Flu, to declare a national emergency and get their greedy feet in the door to nationalized medicine!

What a bunch of conniving crooks! And you just sit there every day sucking up all of the Jew news that you can absorb and believing every bit of it! Some giant-tongued, eight year old retard with death-bed leukemia dies from a cold and it instantly became the Swine Flu! Another kid who was born with half a lung and various other disgusting deformities and disabilities dies and guess what? It was the Swine Flu that killed it! I think really he died because his mother was a crack whore and his father was an AIDs ridden darkie. Just sayin....

You know me, I don't like to be a complainer. But I do have one of those low to zero tolerance things for stupidity. Which seems to be running rampant in today's politically correct society. After they have sold you the Swine Flu, what will be next? The Flying Duck Flu? Oh, they already did a version of that with the Bird Flu. Sorry, I forgot. Maybe the Fluffy Kitten Flu. Or the Fuzzy Puppy Flu. Or even the Slimy Snake Flu.

I hang around this Old Folks' Home, I know. It's kind of a creepy place to hang out but everyone has to be somewhere at any given time, so I am there. But anyway, it is just abuzz with the horrors of the Swine Flu coming to get them and wipe them out. They have signs on all of the entrance doors that say if you are sickly please do not come in and give the residents your Swine Flu. That is another thing. Just a side note. The signs say that they are residents but the state law has them listed as inmates. Right along with criminals and crazy people. What do you think of that? You old codgers.

Hasn't it been about a year now that they have been trying to get this Swine Flu off of the ground by getting you properly terrified that you or yours might get it? For such a terrible outbreak.... what..... fifty people have died from it in about a year worldwide? That is just.... scary.

How lame of an excuse will it take before you might not believe that those people that Israel sent to DC for you are not looking out for any of your interests. Let alone your best interests as you thought they were supposed to do. They are after your guns, your freedom and your money. That's it. Period. Whatever happens to you after that is irrelevant and unimportant. As long as Goldman Sachs has all of your money and the New World Order has your sons and daughters for the Jew Wars in the Middle East and the rest of the elites have your energy and skills to keep them fed, clothed and comfortable. Once you have accomplished this, you become disposable refuse. All because you believed that the invisible and unnoticeable Swine Flu was coming to get you.

So if you become one of the comrades that is unlucky enough to not die after you get your Swine Flu, that is what you have to look forward to. But, knowing you, you will still be searching the crowd for someone to blame besides your own apathy for your descent into slavery.

I believe that this current President and congress are the sneakiest, most side-stepping, lying, greedy ne'er-do-wells that have ever been grouped in one place on this planet since it's beginning. And with the assistance of their friends in the Jew-news media, they are selling you an entirely fictitious bill of goods. All for the sake of getting their health care agenda pushed forward. Even though no one wants it, but who cares? They are not there for you, they are there for themselves and their own power and enrichment. You taxpayers will just have to tighten your belts about four or five notches while YOUR representatives, senators, and President are letting theirs out.

One last thing. Is it the Swine Flu because a pig gave it to us or because we give it to the pigs? I don't think that I have ever seen a pig with the flu. Does it's eyes water and it's nose run? How does it sound when it coughs? Do we inoculate pigs to prevent them from getting their own flu? Do they lay around and feed a cold and starve a fever? Will Muslims or Jews get Swine Flu? We know that they both detest anything to do with pigs. And if the do get it are they headed straight for hell? Why doesn't anyone answer these questions? Enquiring minds need to know.

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