01 November 2009


Is racism, by today's politically correct standards, the same thing as hate? Was it ever the same thing? If you are a person... since you are reading this I assume that you are.... but you must also be a white person because we are the only race that is apparently capable of race hatred. Especially the male half of this race. You must supposedly be born with anything but hatred for every race but your own in your heart. Who the f*** came up with this concept? I would tell you, but I have been on "those people" for three weeks already so if you haven't figured it out by now you have to be one of those seventy IQ people whose skull is as thick as it can possibly be and still have a semblance of a brain inside of it.

I recently received an email with a link to a news story about a school back east that had found two or three White Pride stickers stuck here and there. So they arrested this kid that had threatened to blow up the whole town because he had to be the one that stuck them up... I mean, who in the heck would have the audacity to be proud of being white except some kid who was also prone to becoming a mad bomber?

Since when is it a crime to be proud of being white? I am white and I am proud as heck. (How are you liking my toned down adjectives since they passed the hate speech law?) I have these same logos on my car, my house, my hat and the only time I was ever nervous about it was one time when I had to stop at a stop sign in front of a Welfare Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm not insinuating anything bad here but I didn't notice any white or even brown skin on the dozens of people standing and lounging around this area. Just sayin'.

Let's get back to this school deal. Now if these stickers would have had Negro Pride or Sodomite Pride on them and you (if you are white) would have complained about them being there you would be just an intolerant hater. Are you starting to see how this works? Do you even give a crap about it? If you don't and you are white, you have to be dumber than a day old hog and you probably deserve the extinction that some folks, not mentioning any names here, are trying to drive you into.

The Army Rangers have a philosophy that just has always made total sense to me. It goes something like this. "If you have a problem that you are trying to solve, no matter what it is. Anything or anyone that is in your path and is not a part of the solution to this problem has to be part of the problem itself." See how simple life really is?

There are really not very many groups out there trying to preserve your white heritage either. And the ones that are out there are portrayed as just crazy, hillbilly, cracker white boys from back in the ridges who have sex with their sisters and only two or three teeth per person. And according to what the media feeds you they all live south of the Mason Dixon. If you get my drift. The most famous and hated of these organizations of course is the Klan. Any public figure who ever associated with the Klan except for the Klansman turned Communist Robert Byrd is forever demonized by this association. No matter how far back into their past that it was.

Was the Klan ever about hate or racism? Even the First Era Klan? Let's take a look.

After the C.S.A. had the misfortune of losing the Northern War of Aggression, they had to be punished for having the nerve to think that they should have such a thing as states' rights. So the southern states' governments were turned over to ex Negro slaves and northern carpetbaggers who were literally raping the south of any beauty or pride that still might be alive in her.

So out of the necessity of preserving their southern heritage and dignity the Klan was born. It wasn't because they hated Negroes or Jews or Catholics or liberal politicians it was because they loved Christianity, the white race, and this country and didn't and still don't believe that interbreeding and diversity are the formula for the happiness and fortune of OUR race and nation. Where in there do you find any hatred or even intolerance?

On the other hand, if you even scowl at a Jew you are an anti-Semite. And if you would dare to sass a Negro or a sodomite you are instantly labeled a racist and a hater. Also you are afraid that you might be turning into a queer yourself.... who in the hell came up with this stupid philosophy?

So now I ask you, where is the real hate and racism in this formula? Say, in the neighborhood where your home is and you are raising your children, Would you rather that the homes all around you would be filled with Negroes? Sodomites? Or Klansmen? I know what my answer is without a split second of hesitation, and it sure isn't the Negroes or sodomites. Not because I hate them, it's just that I would rather not have to associate with them.

Leave me some feedback and let me see what your choice of neighbors would be.

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L said...

Leon Trotsky created the word "racist". Go figure.