22 November 2009


American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a foreign lobby... totally unconstitutional. Where foreign nationals pledge money to American politicians for their election and reelection in return for their loyalty, support, and unlimited favors and blind eyes turned toward Israel and all of it's racial supremacism, murderous suppression, and deceitful spying.

The AIPAC convention, which was just held quite recently and was attended by EVERY congressman, woman and senator. Do you know why? Because there is a roll call and when your name is called and you don't answer, guess what? There goes your Jew money, your Jew media support and any hopes you ever had for election or reelection. But if you are there and answer the roll which is the way that you pledge your support to Israel and everything that it needs to bleed from America and her taxpayers and then you are on your way to whatever seat you are hoping to retain. Because Goldman Sachs money will come rolling in and the media will start spewing nothing but love for you.

Don't you wonder why that it doesn't seem to matter whether Democrats or Republicans are running the show, you lose. You get health care, even though no one wants it. You get twenty-two illegal Mexicans even though you wish they were back wherever they came from. You get multi billion dollar banker bailouts even though they deserved to go broke. You get to give your sons and daughters to go get butchered in the Middle East for no reason other than Israel whined for it to happen and the politicians you supposedly elected owe Israel a debt that by Jew standards can never be re payed.

Why do you think that we ended up with two such losers to vote for in the last Presidential election? Because they were both Jew approved and if that doesn't happen you just don't get on the ballot in today's America!

If you think that I am just making this crap up, check it out. Jews make up two percent of our population but over sixty percent of the important advisors, czars, and heads of committees are pro Israel Jews! What? there aren't any European descent nationalities available for these jobs? And it's not just this administration, go back for sixty years to any administration and you will discover the same thing.

Do you actually believe that NAFTA and GATT are for the good of the American people? Do you believe that unlimited third world immigration, including now even carriers of AIDS is for the well being of America and her people? Look at our inner cities and then tell me that diversity is improving life in America.

I hate to have to tell you but America was actually built for Americans. That's you and me. We like Christmas and Easter and Columbus Day and the Fourth of July. But they have mostly all been outlawed by YOUR elected politicians! How in the hell does this happen in the first place and then it just keeps going over and over and getting worse and worse? Are you beginning to think that maybe the people in Washington aren't quite representing you and what is best for you and your children?

They are outlawing God and at the same time trying to put a pair of sodomites on every block! Is that what you elected them to do? They want us in the United Nations and it is absolutely of no value to America or her people... So why are we there? I thought that our politicians were supposed to uphold and defend America and American rights and interests? When was the last time one of them did? If you can remember, you must be older than me and I am older than dirt!

They are taking away your free speech and your right to bear arms. Is that why you voted for them? They are taking almost half of your income right off of the top and wanting more... is that why you put them in office? So they could rob you and then spit with disgust on your empty hull?

Whether they like it or not, you are America. Not them. They are supposed to be working for you, not for Israel or any other special interest or minority. Fire them! And replace them with Americans who will represent America for the benefit of ALL Americans. A good rule of thumb would be to check out that AIPAC roster and if your congressman or senator attended.... he or she absolutely needs to be replaced immediately! Then maybe everyone, not just Israel and the politicians, could reap the benefits that our forefathers and all of the men and women who have given their lives for this great land, expected their posterity to have and enjoy.

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