29 November 2009


Are you on line? I would assume since you are reading this that you are. Therefore I am going to also assume that you have at least one email account. I know some of you have a dozen and can't even remember ten of them. And I know at least one guy that has not even one account but he is on line daily. I bet that you are starting to wonder where I am going with this. Well to tell the truth, I'm never real sure how these will end up when I start them. They are kind of like a tiny green leaf that sprouted in your garden. It just has to be left alone until it gets big enough to see if it is good or evil.

Let's see..... where the hell was I..... Oh yeah. I receive emails daily from friends and acquaintances that threaten or promise that this one is soooo important that I HAVE to forward it. If I don't, something horrible will happen and if I do I will end up rich! Walaa! Guess what? Every one goes right in my little dumpster thingy and dies of loneliness. The end of it's journey has just been reached. Now if there is no threat or promise or any kind of encouragement involved for me to forward it, and I deem that it is either funny or interesting enough to warrant someone else looking at it, it gets to go on down the line. That's just the way I am.

Most of these emails are just heart rending, tear jerking sobbers about the poor bastards that are fighting the Jew wars over in the Middle East. Meanwhile these sons and daughters of America were sent over there to be murdered in the Jew wars by the folks that these emailers probably voted to put in Washington D.C.! So who in the hell can believe that these emails are sincere?

These guys sit around and watch the conservative FOX news channel, which is about as conservative as Nancy Pelosi's left testicle. Or listen to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or even Bill O'Reilly and his "no spin" zone. If this boy ever quit spinning he would fall over like a gyroscope. Who are all just Republican party puppets and are about as far away from the Constitution as you can be and still know that it even exists. As long as whoever is a Republican, it has their full support. So they are all about as conservative as Nancy's right testicle. Including every Republican up there. If you get my drift.

Shit... I keep getting sidetracked! Whenever I think about anything to do with today's politics or politicians, it just starts pissing me off. Like you might think that I'm a racist since I think that the Kenyon you elected to be your president is just a liberal (communist) piece of crap. But you are wrong. Because I think that his white half is also a piece of crap. So there! See. There I go again.

Since I have already forgotten what this blog was supposed to be about, I am going to give my other blog a shameless plug here. It is a blog that you don't have to read. You can just listen to the different items that I have stolen from all over the internet and posted there while you are browsing for a cheap boat motor or whatever the hell that you are snooping around the world wide web for. It is located at: http://fatrandall.podOmatic.com . Most of the stuff on there is really enlightening and usually not over a half hour long. I also post songs there that I find on the net to use for bait to get you to start listening. I try to get the owner's permission to run the stuff, but if I can't, I run it anyway. But I leave all of the original information in the broadcast so after you listen to it if you want to find the rightful owner and complain you have everything you need to do so.
Now. back to these emailers. Now, I admit that I also do this same thing. But usually my emails originated from me. They are usually racist, homophobic, or anti Semitic. Those are your standards, not mine. But, I guess my point is, does anyone just write an email to a friend to say, "Hi, there."? Or use the email to send some personal news between family and friends? Or maybe send a photo of your new baby or the car you just bought? Or do we all just use it to forward unfunny jokes, ugly, fat, naked women, sad, threatening chain letters, and offensive political diatribes?

Don't get me wrong. My offensive political diatribes are still going to keep coming at you and I will still be laughing at the unfunny jokes and be saddened at the threatening chain letters and leering at the rare beauty that is hidden in among the fat, ugly naked women. I just think that email could be used for personal things, also. I know that this is a radical idea, but it might just work. You never know....... It could...... Just sayin'........

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