18 October 2009


So throughout Germany and Eastern Europe we have not only the pitiful Jews, but the Poles, Germans, American and Allied POWs... not being exterminated but dying from typhus and dysentery and yes, in the last few months of the war, even starvation. Not because of German cruelty but because of Allied carpet bombing of the roads and railroads so that no supplies could get through. So guess who had to suffer first? That's right the people (not just Jews) that were in the camps and ghettos. So when the camps were liberated, as you have seen from Eisenhower's psy-ops movies, that the prisoners were starving. All the prisoners. Not just the poor, poor, pitiful Jews.

Now you may ask yourself, "why was psy-ops the first unit into the camp?" Well, let me tell you. Psy-ops, led by Eisenhower, was in the camp first to set it up just right for the news cameras. Set it up with human skin lamp shades and tattoo books made from human skin. And shrunken heads and human bone ashtrays and knickknacks. All borrowed from a nearby university just for this occasion. Because Eisenhower wanted to be President and Jews wanted a Holocaust.

That's why in this particular documentary that everyone has seen a hundred times unless you happen to be blind, that Patton is trailing along behind with a sour look on his face. In the film it says that he was disgusted by the twenty dead bodies that they found. But in his papers he says that setting up the losing army like that "was just not cricket."

So the war is over and Hitler is dead and the evil Nazi regime has to be dismantled. So Russia, led by communist Jews , was coming from the east where all of the largest camps were located and they are gathering up records and destroying anything that will not support the Jewish Holocaust story. While Eisenhower was doing the same thing coming from the west. With his only goal to become President of the United States at the cost of an entire nation of people. These two armies were herding German men, women and children into refugee camps so they could be tortured and murdered by the avenging Jews. And hundreds of thousands were. Not that you will ever find this information in any main stream history books.

Meanwhile, England was keeping it's promise to the American Jews and taking half of Palestine and giving it to the dislocated and disgruntled European Jews. Who, by the way, had not suffered or died any more often than anyone else in Europe during the war. So Palestinian's had to be murdered and herded into refugee camps. All in the name of world Jewry. And so the fake, parasitic country of Israel was born. all at the expense of someone else. Just as everything they whine about today is paid for and supported by someone besides the poor, poor, pitiful Jews.

Anyone who had been in the German army was arrested and sent to Nuremberg. Especially any officers that they could find. And every one of them was charged with being a war criminal. In reality, the only thing that made them war criminals is because they lost the war and a Jewish Holocaust HAD to be unequivocally established. Did you know that there was not one male defendant at Nuremberg who did not have his testicles crushed into pulp by the time that he was found guilty and hung by this kangaroo tribunal? How many confessions would you sign to try and stop this process? Just think about it for a minute.

So, now, the European Jews had a place to go..... a fake country ripped from the heart of Palestine and given to them as payment for getting the United States to declare war on Germany. But since Jews, as a race, are extremely adverse to manual labor, they had to support their new stolen land somehow. So they began sucking the blood from the United States, France, Germany and Britain. And this they have continued to do for sixty years now. And when the money seems to be slowing down or it seems that the world might start seeing through their scam.... Out comes another heart wrenching movie about the terrible Holocaust and they dig up another fake Nazi war criminal to torture and murder to get the world's mindset focused back on their terrible, pitiful plight.

Until next week.... enjoy.

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