25 October 2009


And so it goes.....

To reward Eisenhower for his psy-ops propaganda campaign to promote a fake Holocaust, the Jewish controlled media bands together and gets him into the White house for eight years. All the while strengthening their stranglehold on the United States government through the media, by providing Israel-friendly politicians with an unlimited supply of money for campaigns and by breaking down the unity of the country with diversity, demonizing Christianity and the white race with a never-ending saturation of news, movies, and advertisements that portray anything white or Christian as evil, bigoted, racist and anti Semitic.

While at the same time down playing their own extreme racism in Israel against the Palestinians and throughout the world by only recognizing the marriages of Jews to other Jews. And at the same time encouraging all of the other races to just mix together because that is the loving and brotherly thing to do.

Jews led the charge of the protests of the Vietnam war because they are always against anything that might not encourage Communism and their hoped for New World Order.

They tried their best to sink the USS Liberty and kill everyone on board so they could blame it on the Egyptians and get the United States more involved in that war. But due to the ability and persistence of the Liberty crew, they failed and so the U.S. government (supposedly our government) had to cover it up to protect Israel and their unending supply of money to our (their) politicians.

Meanwhile the American taxpayers are forced to give these unthankful, disrespectful, parasites over two billion dollars every year besides everything they need to kill the local Arab population. And we actually wonder why Arabs hate America? Hhmmmm.... let me think....

And these same taxpayers have to not only give their tax dollars to Israel, they have to furnish their sons and daughters to fight for the Jews in the Middle East and, on top of all of that, pay three dollars a gallon for gas because the Arabs are cranky at us for killing them for no apparent reason except to placate our Jewish masters.

The Federal Reserve was given to Jewish bankers in the early part of the nineteen hundreds and since then all they do is print money for the government at no expense to them and then the American taxpayer has to pay the Jews plus interest for all the money they just printed up. A hell of a deal for someone, isn't it? On top of that, just recently, we were forced by "our" politicians to give them a few trillion extra dollars because they had been wasting the money that they had already stolen from us to the point that they might go broke and not be able to bribe the politicians in Washington to help Israel anymore.

They own or control over ninety-nine percent of all of our news and entertainment media so we are spoon fed everything we learn from a sympathetic to the Jew perspective. Is it any wonder that almost all of America and the world is blind to their treachery?

Key Zionist Jews lead the charge for hate speech laws, gun control laws, diversity, race-mixing, open borders, sodomite marriage, banning Christianity, all for the purpose of weakening and eventually the destruction of our beloved America and the rest of the white world as well.

Their end game is a new world order with a one world government and guess who will be at the pinnacle of this government with all of the rest of the world's gold in their greedy, parasitic hands? You got it. If they have their way, the Jews.

Why should Israel have nuclear power but not Iran? Jews hate Christians just as bad as Muslims do. They just conceal it better. Why can Israel bark and yip like a little Chihuahua and there is the Great Wolfhound called the United States defending her yapping with money, bombs and American children no matter what. Israel had to catch America screwing a goat. There is just no other explanation for this. Oh... yeah.... the Holocaust.... same thing.

I hope that these last three blogs have enlightened and informed you. Because I had to do a bunch of hunting and research to dig out these facts. I'm sure that this does not even scratch the surface, either. So thanks to Jewwatch.com, vho.org, davidduke.com, kkk.com, and karinfriedemann.blogspot.com. Check them out, sometime.

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