11 October 2009


Okay. Most of you people out there give these big nosed, conniving, sneaky, murderous, loan sharks a free pass with no idea of the money and freedoms that they are responsible for you and I losing every day. They have convinced most of the civilized world that they are poor, abused,misunderstood children of God.


They have God's only son murdered because of the lies that they made up about him and yet they have somehow convinced you that they are the chosen people of God. In case you didn't notice, even at this event they only stood on the sidelines and convinced other people to do the dirty deeds that benefited only them. Since I am not a scholar of the Bible, this is the only atrocity that I can blame them for in Biblical times. But I am sure that there were plenty more.

So let's move forward to the battle of Waterloo. Where we all know that Napoleon Bonaparte lost of France lost to the Duke of Wellington. But what did the Jewish family of the Rothschild's do? They got word back to England in a hurry that France had won the battle which caused the Bank of England to collapse so the Rothschild family quickly bought it up at pennies on the hundred pounds and by the time the truth was known, these wonderful, loving, honest Jews owned the Bank of England!

Plunge ahead to the beginning of the twentieth century and the Russian Revolution. Do you want to guess who initiated, instigated and were enriched and empowered by murdering over twenty million Russian Christian men, women, children and even babies? That's right.... Jews. Lenin, Trotsky and Marx.... all atheist Jews! They were the ones that were responsible for putting the Russian people into communist slavery for almost a hundred years. This is a Holocaust you don't hear much about because of the control the Zionist Jews have on the publishing and educating world today.

I bet you don't know that at the end of WWI the Jews tried to sell their Holocaust story. With the exact same number of Jewish casualties... six million. But since they couldn't convince people at that time to buy it, they let it die of loneliness and just sat back and bided their time. Just as they always have.

Then here came Hitler and WWII and the stars and planets aligned for the Jews and their Holocaust story. The Jews were busy trying to ruin German unity just as they are doing to the entire Aryan race in the world today. By changing facts, controlling banks, and introducing racial diversity and convincing the Aryan race that diversity is wonderful. But old Adolf seen though it and introduced a policy to get rid of Jews. Not by murdering them as you have been convinced by the Holocaust (Jewish) historians, but by sending them east into the occupied countries and eventually clear out of Europe. In fact, in one of his early speeches he thought that the island of Madagascar would be a good place for them so the endless sea would keep them from ever infecting the world with their Jewish hatred again.

But like I said, the stars were aligned for their Jewish Holocaust story because Britain promised that they would create the Jewish state of Israel by just stealing half of Palestine which they controlled at that time if the American Jews would convince America to enter WWII. So by saturating the news and movies with fabricated German atrocities America was convinced to declare war on Germany for no apparent reason. So now we have American gentile sons and daughters dying in a war for world Jewry.

With typhus ravaging Eastern Europe and killing ninety percent of the people who were infected with it and with Jews being isolated into ghettos and concentration camps.... guess which race of people were being taken out with this disease by a disproportionately large number? You got it. The Jews. In the west, we had DDT so typhus was almost unknown to the Allies while the Germans were trying to control it by disinfecting clothing and bedding by using their only known solution.... Zyklon B. So now, if everything can be manipulated just so..... walaa! We have the Jewish Holocaust!

Why don't we let you soak this up and we'll continue your education on Jewtrocities next week.......

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