20 September 2009


By our very nature, as a race we are not naturally cohesive. Also, if left to our own devices, we are not very good at rabble-rousing. I know, you look at the sixties and say that I am wrong. But I say, "Nay, nay." If you look at the actual troublemakers of the sixties, you will find that almost one hundred percent of the leaders of those hippy mobs were "The Jheews." When I spell Jheew like that hold your nose shut and raise you voice a few octaves and kind of drag the word out. Then, you will hear it like I meant for you to.

But once you make the average white person angry beyond our very high tolerance for aggravation, then... you have a major problem. Because after you weed out the sissies, cowards and wiggers, which all races have by the way. You have a pack of creatures that are crazy beyond your wildest nightmare. That is why "The Jheews" in their ancient wisdom are trying their hardest to push us into racial genocide. And until recently it appeared to be going off without a hitch.

But now you are starting to hear the faint rumblings of the white beast coming alive, just as it always has after it has been beaten and kicked in the teeth long enough. You kind of have to cup your ear right now and listen very carefully to hear it, but it's there. You can see it in the tea parties, the town hall meetings and the bursting memberships of the racial and southern white organizations.

You see more and more white kids being home schooled so they can't be indoctrinated into the Communist Manifesto in public school. Also you can see more and more cars outside of Christian churches on Sunday morning. You see the states declaring their sovereignty just in case they might be needing it. And like a pack of rabid wolves, you can see us white people gathering for the coming storm.

The situation can be repaired yet at this time, but it is getting really close to critical mass. The very first thing that could be done to start the healing is bring all of our servicemen and women home from the Jew wars and let Israel take care of it's own problems without our nose stuck in it. Then we could run those twenty plus million Mexicans back across the border to their own country. If they had kids born here and don't want to take them home with them, the kids can stay here in orphanages and grow up as Americans. NOT Mexican-Americans.

We could segregate our prisons, schools, neighborhoods and tax dollars. Black and brown tax dollars could support their prisons, schools, and welfare people. White tax dollars could go to support our schools, prisons and neighborhoods.

The same with politicians. Black tax dollars would support black politicians and white tax dollars could support white politicians. And ALL politicians could be one term wonders with no benefits or retirement plan. When your term is finished, go find a job and go to work, just like anyone else has to.

Anyone who doesn't want to live like this can go back to their land of ethnic origin. And wherever that is could be given a handsome fee for letting your probably useless butt go back to the home of your ancestors. Just like the U.S. of A. is the home of our ancestors.

And let's get that sign about huddled masses that a Jewess wrote off of the Statue of Liberty. We don't need ANY more refuse in this great land!

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