27 September 2009


The boy is looking a little bedraggled isn't he? And he isn't even through with his first year. It has to be tough for even a mutt darkie to get up early every day. Even when he gets to spend his days taking other people's money and spending it on himself and his brethren.

He and the First Mammy don't even go around bumping fists anymore like they are members of the Black Panthers. Kind of makes you wonder if they are bumping uglies, doesn't it? And in their case it would be bumping REALLY REALLY uglies! Just sayin'. I wonder if they are going to use her face to make gorilla cookies to scare the little kids with on Halloween.

His Jew masters are making him beef up the war in Afghanistan and get ready to make war on Iraq all for the sole purpose of keeping little ol' Israel safe in the land they stole from the Palestinians. Who cares how many white goya children have to die to preserve this fake country? Apparently no one here.

He is working really hard to get his national health care, that no one wants but him, in place so he can take more money and control from the private sector. And now he wants the authority to shut down the internet if he sees fit? How much power does this boy need? Didn't we learn anything from okaying the Patriot Act and now see how they are abusing it and using it on private citizens in our own country.

I learned this just recently but there has never been a country ran by a darkie in the history of the world that didn't go bankrupt and collapse and it appears that this one is no different. I mean, crap. He's only been in office a couple of hundred days and already got us six trillion dollars in debt! I don't think darkies.... even high yellow ones, understand the concept of not spending money that is not available. We all know that old term "n****r rich". Well, just goes to show you, it is based on actual fact just as most wise sayings are.

Do you suppose when he gets this playing field all even like he wants it. When he is back to being a civilian again. He will go live in a little stick and mud hovel in south Chicago like his half-brothers are doing back in his native homeland? Or do you suppose this evenness he is trying to shove down our throats doesn't apply to him? I bet that is it. He wants it even for everyone but him and his Jew masters.

You know me. I don't like to be a Negative Nancy but things aren't looking so good for the good old American Republic the last few years and in the last few months this degradation has really picked up speed.
Let's come up with one thing that Li'l Black Sambo has done for the benefit of America and her Constitution and her people. It can't be the Jew Wars, they are for Israel. It can't be the Czars, they belong in communist Russia. It can't be the racist Puerto Rican judge, that was for Mexico. It can't be the Cash for Clunkers, he is stealing money from working Americans to pay for them. It can't be the hate speech bill, that was to protect the sodomites. (I just love that new word I learned.) It can't be his world travels, that is for himself. It can't be his takeover of banks and car manufacturers, that was to further his Communist Manifesto.

C'mon, people. Surely there is one thing...... just one, even a little one....... Nope. Nothing.

Just in closing, and nothing to do with anything here. But wasn't ol' Puddin Head's funeral a hoot? They tried to make it appear that he wasn't a traitor or even a murderer. It made me just laugh and laugh and laugh.

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